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Guide to the Use of Transcryl Sheets for Art and Creative Projects

If you are a lover of art and craft, you must be upgrading yourself to newer forms of creativity with wonderful creative materials. Transcryl is such a wonderful medium to showcase your talent in creativity. It is a wonderful transfer medium where you can easily transfer your selected images from a piece of paper that is printed and can turn them into decal form.

Transcryl Transfer Reviews

PPD Photo Paper Direct Inkjet Iron on Transfer Paper for Dark T-Shirts, A4, 5 Sheet

  • Pack of 5 Iron On T-Shirt Printing Paper in A4 for dark and black T-Shirts...
  • Transfer text, images and pictures onto dark and black fabrics using your home iron OR heat press machine...
  • Uniquely formulated t-shirt transfer paper bonds with the fabric
  • for printing full colour images onto black or dark colour T-shirts and fabric...
  • Compatible with all inkjet printers like Epson

Graphite Transfer Paper, 9X13" (60 Sheets)

  • Ultra fine graphite transfer paper (Grey)
  • Carbon paper is perfect for craft and art projects
  • Trace your images onto most surfaces like paper
  • Dimensions: 9 in. x 13 in
  • Includes 60 sheets

Dark T-Shirt Transfers A4 T-Shirt Transfers Heat Transfer Sheets Paper for Inkjet Printers, for Dark Fabric 8.27" X 11.7" (12 Sheets) Print Iron on Make You Hallowmas Shirt

  • Use to personalize your T-shirts
  • Designed for use on Dark-colored 100% cotton/poly cotton blend fabrics.Using O BOSSTOP heat transfer paper to make you hallowmas...
  • Color Shield formula means colors stay bright
  • You can use them with most of fabrics and surfaces that can be safely hand ironed Sharp prints with...
  • Instant drying and compatible with all Inkjet printers.

11 Pieces Gel Filter Correction Light Filter Overlays Transparent Color Film Plastic Sheets, 11.7 by 11.7Inches, 11 Colors

  • High light transmission: these gel filter sheets are made of high light transmission plastic...
  • Light filter colors: 11 different colors of red
  • Colored overlays dimension: each sheet is 11.7 x 11.7 inches in measurement
  • Wide range of uses: fit for film
  • Quantity: 11 pieces of gel light filters in 11 colors

Crafty Computer Paper, Translucent, Transfer Medium

  • Transcryl Transfer Medium 250ml
  • Turn any printed image into a decal with this amazing transfer medium...
  • You can use any uncoated paper
  • Decals created using Transcryl can be applied to many surfaces to create the perfect gift...

What is Transcryl and how to use it?

A creative material where one can transfer text and images from their newspapers, images from magazines that are non-glossy, from certain photocopies and also from prints of inkjets. They can be used as long as these materials remain uncoated and with this, the Transcryl can work at its best. You might want to know how it is done.
Well, you need to coat the paper properly with Transcryl thrice. A plastic like a sheet is formed and soon a decal is also formed as soon as the paper has been soaked. You can then use the Transcryl as glue and apply a decal to surfaces you like to.

Different types of Transcryl transfer mediums

1. Crafty computer paper, Translucent, Transfer, Medium

The RRP of this at , these sheets are Transcryl that are absolutely mess-free and very easy way of changing one’s own designs of vibrant colours over metal, glass surface and also over ceramics that are pre-glazed. They include- mugs, plates and various tiles. You need to cut out a proper shape with the help of scissors or you can use a craft cutter and a punch so as to design your patterns and styles.

Leave it to soak into the water until the shape moves away from the paperbacks. Properly choose the surface and place it in a position over that surface. It shall be very smooth from the centre towards the outer ends. Remove any excess air bubbles or any extra water by the help of a paper towel. Leave it and let it dry for about twenty-four hours. Use your oven to harden it at a degree of 180 for approximately thirty minutes. After the price is finished hand-wash it properly to gift it to your near one.

Before buying, just take a glance at the features:

  • It is the easiest way to glaze your Fabrics and Tiles.
  • Glaze sheets are easier to cut and require just proper soaking.
  • You can get it in seventeen wonderful shades that include metallic too.
  • You need to iron your shirt well before usage.

2. Graphite Transfer Paper, 9X13

Get crazy with creativity with yet another transfer paper that works wonders on almost all surfaces. It is the superfine graphite transfer sheet with a pack having sixty sheets to use. Purchased at , this sheet is made to perfect your art skills and projects. Here are the features mentioned:

  • No need to worry about shipping as shipping is absolutely free.
  • It is ultra fine super quality transfer sheet of grey colour used for projects.
  • Carbon paper is embedded inside that is used for art and craft materials.
  • You can easily trace your designs, emblems, and arts on surfaces like paper, wood, glass, canvass, fabric, and metal too.
  • Size is approximate of 9 inches x 13 inches which are 22.86 x 33.02 cms.
  • You have a gallon of sixty sheets altogether.

3. Laminated Inkjet Water-Slide Decal Paper

If you have your own laminator, this system of transfer is a wonderful way of applying certain decals to surfaces that are porous. They include- painted wooden surfaces, glass surfaces, plastics, soap, melamine, wax as well as metal. Used with an inkjet paper, this decal sheet is used to create waterslide decals. The features are as follows:

  • Shipping is absolutely free so there is no need to worry about it.This can be used over surfaces that are non porous so that you can get the best design effect.
  • Laminating process protects the ink that is water-soluble from running and sliding.
  • You can customize and personalize products with your own decal forms.
  • You need not own a laminating machine and can try standard decals of waterslide that need acrylic coats of varnish so as to protect the inks.

A premium and top quality transfer sheet, this transfer artist sheet is designed so that you can work easily on lighter or pastel tops. You can easily use it with a printer or can also draw your own image or design almost directly over the sheet by use of colouring pencils that are of a fabric, markers and crayons. With the use of heat in iron, you can easily transfer these designs over any surface virtually. As soon as the transferred images become rich in colour, they are easily washable on fabric. Here are some of the qualities:

  • You can not only transfer it on fabric but also on other surface covers such as polymer, wood, glass, canvass and many others.
  • You are allowed to apply this type of paper over 100% silk, polyester, cotton, genuine leather, spandex, and other textures.
  • As you apply an image by use of this paper, it can be washed via bleach and you will not have to worry about any type of bleeding.
  • As soon as the transfer is done, the certain image is absolutely fused inside fibers of fabric material and it becomes a part of the fabric itself. As the image cools down, you can stretch it and notice that there are no cracks at all.

Priced at , this transfer paper is made for sublimation ink only. You cannot use it with regular ink in inkjets. The printable side is absolutely easy to distinguish. Here are the features:

  • Rate of transfer is about 98% where there is no fracturing at all; it can be dried faster too. colour is brighter and your design looks vibrant.
  • You can easily work with any inject ink printer since sublimation ink is specialised for this purpose.
  • Use it on smooth textures such as- glass, plastic, metal and ceramics, polyester and many more. You can redesign coated coffee mugs, cups that has discoloured, caps, cases of phone, mouse pads, ceramic mugs and plates, and puzzles, over non-cotton pillows and cushions, over t-shirts and lighter fabric bags.
  • Only a single side is printed where the white side is used for printing and the back part is pink in colour. You can easily differentiate the printable portion.

Now that you know how to use Transcryl and transfer sheets, it’s time to show your creative talents!