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Selapar – Top 5Best Lampshade Making Kit and Materials of 2019

Why are making lampshades necessary?

Due to several reasons, people use lamps in their house as well as commercial space. However, it is not always possible for one to get the lamps which they desire. Hence, people opt to make lamps of their choice to decorate their houses as well as selling purpose as a business. However, without knowing about the correct materials which are involved in building lampshades it will be impossible for one to have the right outcome.

Selapar – Self Adhesive Polythene Reviews

Self Adhesive Lampshade Material PVC

  • Self Adhesive Lampshade PVC

Make Your Own Lampshade Kit - ADD YOUR OWN FABRIC OR WALLPAPER - 20cm Drum Shade - Table or Pendant Lamp - MADE IN THE UK - From Elephant in my Handbag

  • Make your Own 20cm Diameter Drum Lampshade Kit
  • Makes a 20cm diameter Shade x 18 cm High
  • Suitable for table lamp or pendant light
  • Kit includes: 2 Rings (Top and bottom); Plastic Shade Panel to stick fabric or wallpaper to; Roll of VERY...
  • You just add fabric or wallpaper (NB: Excludes Fabric)

Twin Pack...20 cm Lampshade Making Kit for Ceiling or Table lamp..DIY..

  • Design a lampshades to match your upholstery
  • Make Your Own Lampshades with our easy to use DIY KIT

70cm Super Large Lampshade Making Kit for Pendants, Table or Floor Lamps

  • Make Your Own Lampshade with our easy to use DIY KIT
  • This kit makes you a professional Giant 70cm Lampshade from your covering of choice...
  • Easy to use, laminate your covering to the self adhesive lampshade panel and follow the step by step instructions...
  • Lampshade Assembled Size 70cm Diameter x 25cm High ideal for floor lamp...
  • Easy to make, Read our Amazon feedback

Self Adhesive Lampshade PVC Material 40mtr Roll

  • Used by manufacturers and crafters worldwide to make Lampshades
  • Easy to use, remove the release paper and apply your covering.
  • 40mtrs on Roll, Flame Retardent
  • Engineered for lampshade making
  • Designed to be used on narrow workbenches and tables.

So, through this article, you will come to know about the Best Selapar – Adhesive Polythene which is available in the market for one to purchase for creating magnificent lampshades. Have a look!

1. Self-Adhesive Lampshade PVC Material 40mtr Roll

This product is used by crafters as well as manufacturers to create amazing lampshades. This material is considered by people to be foundation of all high-quality products. It is engineered in such a way that lampshades manufactured using this is UV stable, flame retardant, and anti-static.

Also, it passed the glow wire testing which UK’s Lightning Association carries out after which it becomes certified. If required the company will even provide this certificate as a guarantee of a supreme quality item. The Best Selapar – Adhesive Polythene material is ideal for creating rigid lampshades of all types. Moreover, these papers are easily removed and laminate one’s materials to self-adhesive portion. Also, this release paper comes with a grid that makes cutting it precise and easy.

This is an ideal product for people who have work benches of standard size or adequate workspace to handle continue work with this paper. This material weighs 14 Kilos and is 70cm wide which makes maneuvering it and continue to work quite easy. A roll of this paper costs £191.22 approximately.

2. Drum Shade – Table or Pendant Lamp

This is another product which has a high demand among crafters and manufacturers of lampshades. This is an entire kit which consists of a shade which is 18cm high and diameter is 20cm which makes it perfect for people to work on even in a small workspace. It is ideally suitable for a pendant light or table lamp according to people’s need. The adhesive polythene in this product is quite supreme which is why this item has such high demand among people around the world.

This Best Selapar – Adhesive Polythene lampshade making kit contains a shade panel of plastic that where one can stick wallpaper or fabric according to his/her requirement. Also, there is a double-sided tape that makes working with wallpapers quite easy. One can make alluring designs that would enhance the beauty of the place where it is kept. This entire package costs just £14 which means one doesn’t have to worry about burning a hole in his/her pocket trying to buy it.

3. Twin Pack 20 cm Lampshade Making Kit for Ceiling or Table Lamp

This is another remarkable product which can be used to make lampshades that would enhance the décor of a room by making it match with curtains, wallpapers, upholstery, etc. This kit will enable a person to finish not one but two lampshades of 20cm in diameter and 19.4cm in height, which can be used as a ceiling or table lamp. This item weighs a maximum of 591g and costs £20 approx.

What makes this product unique is the easy usage due to its self-adhesive panel that makes laminating quite an easy task. Also, following the manual will help a beginner to get everything completed without any hassle. Its easy usage and PVC material for laminating a lampshade makes it fall under the category of Best Selapar – Adhesive Polythene available in the market currently.

4. Self-Adhesive Lampshade Material PVC

Self Adhesive Lampshade Material PVC
Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days

This is a roll of PVC that is used for repairing or manufacturing lampshades in small quantity. It is considered to be an ideal product as its size is perfect for scholars to use it during workshops or in classrooms. This PVC roll measures a maximum of 1460X500mm that is ample enough material for replacing or repairing lampshades which has a height of 500mm and 450mm diameter at the max.

People prefer this product as it is the Best Selapar – Adhesive Polythene and can be used easily. A person will simply have to remove its release paper and simply laminate the covering to its self-adhesive area. Also, grid formation on release paper assists in cutting it accurately. This material is 300 microns thick and high impact strength which means it is tear resistant along with anti-static properties that minimised dust attraction and anti-yellowing. Also, it is certified by Lightning Association which means it passes glow wire testing. This amazing product costs just £14.99 and delivered quickly to one’s place.

5. 70cm Super Large Lampshade Making Kit for Pendants, Table or Floor Lamps

This is one of the best adhesive PVC products which people use for creating large lampshade without any dilemma. This is a complete DIY kit which helps a person to create a lampshade which would match theme of any room in a building.

This Best Selapar – Adhesive Polythene kit is ideally used by professionals to craft a lampshade of 70cm along with covering of one’s choice which can be utilised as a table or ceiling lamp. This is an easy to use product that will assist in laminating a cover to its self-adhesive panel which allows accurate work. For further step by step guide, one can also follow the manual that comes with this package.

However, before ordering this one will have to keep in mind that the lampshade’ height should not be more than 25cm and diameter should me 70cm maximum. This entire kit costs £35 approximately.

These are the Best Selapar – Adhesive Polythene kits and materials which one can get on the market. Hence, if you are looking to craft a lampshade that would complement your décor, then you should choose the products which are mentioned in this 2019’s top 5 list as it will offer you best results. Stop thinking and order these today for having best-looking lampshades!