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Get the best print on the top quality decal paper available on the market!

Do you want to create a beautiful piece of art on a mug or dish? With the help of magic decal paper, you do not have to visit the shop and can also get the well-designed mug for household use. The decal papers are available in both Inkjet Printer are the Laser Printer.

When it comes to water-slide papers you will find that they are the best options used for crafts and allow creating unique decals such as boats, cars, etc. It works perfectly well on wood, plastic, metal and more.
While making use of the laser decal paper, you need to ensure that the design gets a good amount of time to get dried up! The water-slide decal papers are not suitable for the dishwashing machine and this is the only loophole that you might experience.

You need to look for the magic decal paper which is an ideal option for ceramic items and they are also suitable for the dishwasher. You can expect to get the highest level of creativity through this decal paper.

Magic Decal Paper Reviews

10 x Clear INKJET Waterslide Decal Paper | A4 Transfer Sheets

  • Suitable for use with all inkjet printers
  • Apply your custom decal to most hard surfaces including plastics
  • Full instructions are supplied with every pack
  • Contains a pack of 10 x A4 sheets
  • Clear paper is recommended for printing onto light coloured surfaces

20 Sheets Inkjet Printable A4 Clear/Transparent Vinyl Glossy Self Adhesive Sticker Quality

  • A4 blankclear transparent glossy vinyl
  • Designed for high quality ink printing
  • High resolution printing
  • Full A4 size: 210mm x 297mm
  • Easy to use: you can create

Clear Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper A4 5 Sheets

  • INKJET Print your own DECALS onto WHITE and LIGHT Colour Surfaces
  • Used to create thousands of CRAFT PROJECTS

Transfer Magic 8.5 x 11-inch Inkjet Transfer Paper, Pack of 7

  • High-quality heat transfer paper for use with inkjet and bubble jet printers...
  • Use it to print your own custom letters
  • This package contains 8-1/2x11 inch sheets

VOSO - 20 Sheets A4 Inkjet Light Water Transfer Paper for Cup Decal Craft DIY # 640244B

  • Compatible with all ink jet printers
  • A4 size sheets light ink jet water slide transfers / decals for ceramics...
  • Make your items special with your own designs on them
  • Suitable for your ceramic
  • There will be a transparent background

Uses of the decal paper

There are different uses of decals, which include advertisements on the vehicles and buildings, home décor and also for personalized items. Decals are the only items that can be used on the state vehicles such as cars, vans, ambulances and fire engines. They turn out to be quite useful and very important as it helps in the identification of the vehicles.

There are many people around who would make use of the decal paper to brighten them up and give a personalized look. You can think of making designs that are available in different styles and shapes such as skulls, butterflies and much more.

Decals are made up of a series of layers that acts as the adhesion while it is being transferred to some other surface. The initial layer is made from film or paper and the image gets printed on this layer. Underneath this layer comes the sticky one and it has the silicone coating. There is another paper or film which can be used underneath the decal.

When you apply the water on the magic decal paper, the silicone layer will slide away from the adhesive and the image gets transferred to the new surface.

There are different reasons to use decals. If you are enthusiastic about promoting the business, then it is the ideal option as they are the cost-effective mode of advertisement. If you want to transfer the logo of your company to the vehicle, then choose the decal paper as they help to fulfil the exact needs of customers.

To increase awareness among the customers about your business, it is necessary to display the logo and make sure to reach more customers at the same time. Decals are known as the cheaper format of transferring the image from one surface to another. To suit your needs, you can choose accordingly as they are available in rolls or loose sheets.

Top decal paper available online at best prices

Here are some of the top decal papers that you can consider
buying to fulfil your needs. Today, you will come across different types of decal papers in the market, but make sure to choose the best one that can offer top quality results.

1. Transfer Magic 8.5 x 11-inch Inkjet Transfer Paper, Pack of 7

The magic inkjet transfer paper is the high-quality paper available that comes along with the heat transfer facility. It can be used along with the inkjet and bubble jet printers. Make use of the printer to print the custom letters. You can possibly create your own design and ensure to have the well-crafted materials.

The features of this product include:

  • The superior quality heat transfer paper can be used with inkjet and bubble jet printers
  • Custom letters can be printed based on the needs.
  • It is the package that would contain 8-1/2x 11-inch sheets

You can consider choosing the digital photos, clip art or scanned images on different kinds of fabrics that may include cotton, polyester and poly-cotton blends. It is the pack that would contain seven sheets and ½ x 11inch sheets that allows in iron-on transfer paper.

2. A4 Inkjet Water Slide Decal Paper 20 Sheets Transparent Clear DIY for Inkjet Printer

It is the A4 size magic decal paper water slide that is ideal for inkjet printers and available on the Amazon store at an affordable rate. Each of this pack contains around 20 sheets of paper and has built up a good reputation among the customers. The sheets are available in the transparent clear paper and are said to be the perfect one to handle the DIY projects. You have the flexibility to make use of the inkjet printer to get the design.

It is the paper that is said to be the perfect one for printing of any smaller image that would include the wood, glass, and wax-like surface. You can even consider printing of your nails in the most extraordinary manner. You can think of implementing the coat of clear resin or any acrylic lacquer for better results.

The papers turn out to be quite handy and it comes along with different features:

  • It is said to be the ideal paper that allows transferring the image from one sheet to another.
  • It is the transparent paper available that enables you to perform the do-it-yourself project.
  • It is an excellent paper allows in transferring of mage to glass, wax, metal and even nails.

The package weighs around 259gms. It is the best way to create an impression in the minds of customers when you transfer the company image to vans and other vehicles.

3. Clear Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper A4 5 Sheets

This paper, which comes along with thousands of uses. This paper turns out to be ideal for printing decals on the white or light colored surface. It also enables to transfer the decals along with the precision and can be used for printing of the myriad of the surface that includes glass, ceramics, metal, plastics, etc.

There are different features of the products that would come along and ensure that you can get the desired results while making use of the magic decal paper:

  • Inkjet print comes with their own decals on white and light coloured surfaces
  • You can print on ceramics, metal, glass and wood material
  • There is the possibility of creating different craft projects, mugs, and miniature models

The paper can be used to make some of the highly impressive decorative items and can be applied to the candles and soap. The papers are well tested by the company to check the photo quality as well as ensure the clarity on the paper. The process adopted is pretty convenient and follow the standard guidelines.

It is said to be the most popular concept among the miniature model enthusiasts that allows in creating the customised decals for the vintage cars, warplanes, trucks, and buses.

4. VOSO - 20 Sheets A4 Inkjet Light Water Transfer Paper for Cup Decal Craft DIY # 640244B

It is the reasonably priced product available on Amazon. They are used to decal the printing on the surface. It is one of the highly efficient options available for the ceramics and printing of the cups, plates, and mugs.

There are various features of the products to make sure you can create wonder with this item:

  • The paint won’t get dissolved if you make use of the varnish spray
  • Compatible along with the inkjet printer, but they are not compatible with the laser printers
  • It is a good item that helps in printing on the ceramics
  • It is available in A4 size papers which follow the standard printing procedures

The sheets available are white in colour and they come along with the removable background that is transparent in nature. This can further be removed while printing. The product turns out to be the best option which can help to make the best crafts on the ceramics. You should know the implementation of the item and make sure to apply the clear varnish spray on the decals to set the paper.

5. 20 Sheets Inkjet Printable A4 Clear/Transparent Vinyl Glossy Self Adhesive Sticker Quality

The main features of this product include:

  • This is a transparent glossy vinyl paper that is available in A4 size
  • It is made up of the vinyl material which is a high-quality, well-designed printing paper
  • It comes along with the strong adhesion along with the white background paper

It is the best product available that helps in designing high-quality ink printing. It is quite convenient to use and helps to create and print the desired items. You can cut into the size that you wish to.

The result will depend on the ink that is being used on the product. The product is finally well packed and dispatched for delivery to the buyers. The printing environment temperature revolves along 20 to 40 degree Celsius. It is a suitable solution for inkjet printers and you can possibly set the printer on the low speed and generate high-quality printing.

6. 10 x Clear INKJET Waterslide Decal Paper | A4 Transfer Sheets

It is the most suitable item that can be used along with all inkjet printers. You can simply think of printing the image and can get the best design that you wish for.

The main features associated with the product are:

  • The paper is transparent and it is advised to print on light coloured surfaces
  • It can be applied to the custom decal which can be used on the hard surfaces that include the glass, metal, plastic, and ceramics
  • It can be the ideal personalised gift for anyone!

You will find complete instruction with every pack of this product. It is the brilliant option available for any model making enthusiasts. You have the possibility to create awesome personalised candles as the edge of the decal will not fall and ensure that you can become a part of the item.

The clear paper is the ideal one to create art. The paper can enable to create the decals to a multitude of hard surfaces. It offers the best photo quality results that allow in printing the photos on the mugs and plates. To give a new dimension to the professional artwork you can consider the products and make complete use of it.

A final thought on the decal paper!

Today, you will come across with some of the amazing magic decal paper in the market that fulfils the desire of the users. It is said to be the perfect option available for creating an amazing personalised gift. You can apply and transfer the art to a hard-non-porous surface which would include wax, ceramics, plastic, and glass.

It is possible to create unique decals for planes, trains, die casts, etc. It is simple to use and can apply the print on the required images or text.

It is the ideal product available in the market. To get the creative and the most original look of the art you can make use of the decal paper.