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A Complete Overview and Review of the Top Most Selling Mixed Media Sheets

The ability to incorporate different art types within one specific media is a desirable feature. Mixed media sheets are considered one of the premium merchandise which offer this feature. They not only allow the user to integrate different art forms through these sheets but also can be used for sewing and used in inkjet printers. One such type is the best Lutradur Mixed Media Sheets which are widely available on the market, although there are other companies which offer equally impressive mixed media sheets.

Lutradur Mixed Media Sheets Reviews

C&T Publishing Lutradur Mixed Media Sheets

  • The perfect medium for many crafting; sewing; quilting and scrapbooking projects
  • It's terrific for 3-D wall art and ideal as an ink jet printing medium...
  • LUTRADUR has countless applications: it can be sewn; drawn and painted on...

Strathmore 462-109 400 Series Mixed Media Pad, 9

  • This paper pad features heavy-weight paper with a vellum surface and is ideal for a variety of wet and...
  • It includes fifteen sheets of 140-lb paper and measures 9x12 Inch
  • The front cover has an easy-to-use flip-over design
  • Made in the USA

Faber-Castell Creative Studio A4 Mixed Media Spiral Bound Pad - Black Paper - 250gsm

Faber-Castell Creative Studio A4 Mixed Media Spiral Bound Pad - Black Paper - 250gsm

  • IDEAL - This Faber-Castell Creative Studio Mixed Media Pad is suitable for a variety of artistic mediums including graphite...
  • SUITABLE - This professional quality paper pad is suitable for students and artists alike...
  • USE - This paper pad is great for all types of media including watercolour...
  • TECHNIQUES - Can be used with wet or dry techniques including watercolours...
  • ACID-FREE - This paper is of archival quality

Lutradur Mixed Media Sheets 8.5X11 10/Pack

Lutradur Mixed Media Sheets 8.5X11 10/Pack

  • New material for sewing
  • Ultra-strong sheets are easy to print
  • Perfect for ink-jet printers
  • Use for scrapbooking - art quilts

Mixed Media Sheets – What are they?

Mixed media sheets enable the user to not only integrate various art forms into one but also allows them to use for multiple other purposes such as sewing and using in inkjet printers. Now, as per recent studies, the product that has the best effectiveness regarding this is from Lutradur. Best Lutradur Mixed Media Sheets are mostly a crossover between a paper and fabric.

What are the nature and different features of this product?

The images or pictures created or formed through the use of this sheet are incredibly colourful. Additionally, these pictures even tend to be crisper, and the images generally look at a lot more alive and natural. Moreover, after completion of the said customer objective using these sheets, the photos turn out to be crack-free.

These pictures are also washable, making this product even more desirable to the customers. Best Lutradur Mixed Media Sheets and other such products help individuals to implement and create their imagination onto a surface effectively and with extreme ease. Now, below are some product reviews of the most widely popular mixed sheets by different companies –

Clear Art is regarded as one of the top most companies in context with mixed media sheets. They are primary focus has always been on customer satisfaction and product affordability. The product itself speaks volumes on how consumer-oriented the company is. Its various features and details are listed below –

  • The package consists of 100 A4 size papers which way around 98lbs or 1560GSM.
  • Its USP is that the sheets are 100% completely free of any acid.
  • Includes multimedia pages for sketching, drawing and water colouring.

Moreover, Clear Art objective has always been oriented to customer satisfaction. So, they have included a lifetime warranty on their products. Meaning users will get their money back without any questions asked if they find the product not up to their mark.

Strathmore is one of the leading companies in the market for mixed media sheets. Their product is straightforward to use and offers a wide range of art styles to be incorporated into one. The numerous product details and features are as follows –

  • It comes in the form of a paper pad with each of its papers being a heavyweight.
  • The product has a vellum surface nature, which makes it ideal merchandise for various dry and wet media usage.
  • Product package contains fifteen sheets weighing around 140lbs with having dimensions of 9 x 12 inches.
  • The product has a flip book design giving it a more durable nature and keeps the art media neat and tidy.

Also, the company carries out it’s manufacturing in the USA with superior quality materials. This helps them to stand out from the rest of the competition as their products are more sturdy and long-lasting.

3. C&T Publishing Lutradur Mixed Media Sheets

Lutradur is a pretty well-known company when it comes to mixed media sheets. They have been around in the market for many years now. The company is known to adapt and adjust to the changing market to attract customers. However, this particular product can be called ever-green merchandise as its popularity never falls. The details and features of the product are given below –

  • They are known to the perfect medium for any sewing, crafting, scrapbooking projects and quilting.
  • It is designed explicitly for 3-D wall painting and is also well suited as an inkjet medium for printing.

Due to its useful and attractive features, the product is considered one of the best Lutradur Mixed Media sheets. Moreover, it is has a multi-dimensional nature which further attracts customers.

4. Lutradur Mixed Media Sheets 8.5X11 10/Pack

The majority of Lutradur sheets come in a set of package and same goes for this particular one as well. Usually, their competitors offer these types of sheets as a single piece instead of a set. Owing to this fact, the majority of customers prefer Lutradur mixed media sheets as they can avail set of sheets at one go. The product details for this particular merchandise is given below –

  • They are considered as one of the best Lutradur Mixed Media Sheets primarily because of the superior quality materials used in production.
  • The packaged product consists of a set of 10 papers with having standard dimensions of 22 x 28 cm.

Moreover, it is published by one of the major publishing houses currently, C & T publishing. This has allowed them to attract even a larger audience and make a significant foothold in the mixed media sheets market.

5. Faber-Castell Creative Studio A4 Mixed Media Spiral Bound Pad - Black Paper - 250gsm

Anyone who has studied art or has an interest in the art must have heard about Faber Castell. It is considered as one of the top most companies in the world of art. They offer a variety of art products which are of considerably better quality than the rest around. Even in the mixed media sheets market, they have a significant and robust presence. The product features and details are as follows –

  • It is ideal and suitable for use in a range of artistic forms and mediums such as watercolors, PITT Pens, graphite and many more.
  • The product has been developed and designed, keeping in mind both the artist and students alike. Each of its pads have been so made to have a different artistic medium suited to it.
  • It is of archival quality, meaning the papers is entirely and purely free of acid and has a long-resistant nature.

Also, the product was designed as such that it can be used in all types of techniques, be it dry or wet. These attractive features with the brand name have made the product increase its sales almost twice fold of its nearest competitor.