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The 5 Best TAP – Transfer Artist Paper Comprehensively Reviewed

The possibility of transferring an image or a photo to any surface is a desirable feature. Hence, it is no wonder that more and more people are trying to avail products that have this particular feature. The product that allows pictures or photos to be transferred to almost any surface is called transfer artist paper. Now, one of the popular versions of these is the best Lesley Riley TAP – Transfer Artist Paper. The product is considered one of the premium types around. However, several other transfer artist papers are equally competent.

Lesley Riley TAP – Transfer Artist Paper Reviews

KOALA Inkjet Iron On T Shirt Transfer Paper for Dark Fabrics x 25 Sheets, A4

  • Eco-friendly Material Meets High Standard Environment Require
  • 100% Waterproof, Long-lasting Colour With No Cracking.
  • Specific Design For Use On Dark 100% Cotton T-shirt or Fabric.
  • Hot or Cold Peel off
  • Vivid And Fast Colours

Graphite Transfer Paper, 9X13" (60 Sheets)

  • Ultra fine graphite transfer paper (Grey)
  • Carbon paper is perfect for craft and art projects
  • Trace your images onto most surfaces like paper
  • Dimensions: 9 in. x 13 in
  • Includes 60 sheets

What is a Transfer Artist Paper?

It is a product that will effortlessly and competently transfer any picture onto any surface one wants. The images can be transferred onto surfaces like paper, glass, metal, canvas, wood and even fabric. Also, transferring these images onto various surfaces is quite simple as well. One way of going about it through the use of heat from a hot iron. Though products by different companies offer some other ways as well.

What are the various features of these transferred images?

Best Lesley Riley TAP – Transfer Artist Paper and other such products enable images to be transferred with a bunch of features as well as being washable and crack-proof on a surface such as fabric. Moreover, one can even overlap one image on another while transferring photographs to give it a more collaged of layered appearance and look.

Now, below is a review of best Lesley Riley TAP – Transfer Artist Paper and some other transfer artist papers by other companies that one can purchase and use.

Colore is one of the leading companies when it comes to transfer artist papers. They have been around in the market for many years now. This has helped them in gaining valuable experience to enhance their product further and better serve customers. The various product details are as follows –

  • Smooth transfer of images from one surface to another with maximum effectiveness.
  • Tracing done through the use of carbon paper which ensures high visibility.
  • Contains graphite paper for tracing, which is ten times tougher to make sure the images transferred are clean, sharp and crisp. Also, these can be reused for later purposes.
  • Carbon paper can be used for tracing on more or less all types of surface such as canvas, metal, glass, paper and many more.

Taking all these features into account, it is no wonder that this one of the most wide-scale used transfer artist papers in the market currently.

2. Arteza – Graphite Transfer Paper, 9X13 Inch (60 Sheets)

Arteza is widely considered one of the leading companies in Europe for transfer artist papers. They not only have grass root level popularity and demand but also has quite a significant presence on the online market. Their product’s features and details are unique and interesting, which helps in attracting more customers. Its details are –

    Graphite transfer artist paper which is ultra-fine and in grey colour. There are other colours as well, but this is the most popular one.

    Its carbon paper is primarily suited for mainly art and crafts project.

    Can be used to trace images on practically any type of surfaces such as wood, glass, fabric, metal and many more.

    The package comes in a set of 60 sheets or pages, and its dimensions are 22.86 x 33.02 cm. or 9 inches x 13 inches.
    Owing to such features, it was able to establish a strong foothold in the transfer artist paper market. Even though the product was launched for a while, now the demand for it is ever increasing daily.

Lesley Riley transfer artist paper is an extremely specific and detailed product. However, it is also one of the most accessible products to use. The product’s effectiveness is something that has allowed it to stand out from the rest of the competition. The various product details and features are given as follows –

  • It is inkjet printer compatible meaning the transfer artist paper goes inside the printer without any problems.
    The best Lesley Riley TAP – Transfer Artist Paper is best known to give an extraordinarily intact and smooth transferred image.
  • It is made and developed via the use of superior quality materials giving more enhanced results than the rest of the products around.
  • The product is published by one of the well-known publishing houses in the world right now, C & T Publishing.
  • The product dimensions for this specific merchandise is 23.2 x 0.4 x 28.8 cm.

Transfer Artist Paper by Lesley Riley is one of those products which have seen a considerable increase in wide-scale usage over the years. All these features of the product make it one of the most sought after merchandise in the transfer artist paper market.

4. Creative Image Transfer: 16 New Mixed-Media Projects Using TAP Transfer Artist Paper

Another transfer artist paper product by Lesley Riley is the Creative Image Transfer TAP. Widely considered as the best Lesley Riley TAP – Transfer Artist Paper its popularity has skyrocketed in recent times. It’s product features, and details are specified below –

  • It gives customers access to various projects and designs, primarily 16.
  • Users will be able to avail designs ranging from home accessories to quilts and mixed – media to jewellery.
  • Can be used to transfer images to a bunch of surfaces such as faux bone, glass, wood, paper, metal and many more.
  • It is a set of 72 pages or sheets with dimensions of 21.8 x 0.6 x 27.7 cm.

Taking into account, all of the product features, it is no wonder that the company is experiencing a wide-scale increase in demand for this product. They are even planning to increase the number of features of the product further to attract more customers.

5. KOALA Inkjet Iron-on T-Shirt Transfer Paper for Dark Fabrics x 25 Sheets, A4

Another transfer artist paper company which is making quite a name for themselves in recent times in KOALA. The company is comparatively newer than its competitors but has been able to make a considerable mark on the market. The different product details and features are as follows –

  • It is one of those few products which are incredibly eco-friendly and meets the numerous environment standards.
  • Images traced and transferred through the use of this product are crisp, clean and gets dry instantly.
  • The images are 100% water-proof and crack-free. Moreover, the product has been specifically designed for transferring images on cotton fabric.

Being a very explicitly designed product, its effectiveness is none to others. The product is considered as one of the best for transferring images on fabric, especially cotton. Hence, it has been able to put quite a foothold in the fabric design market.