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Guide to Usage of Decal Sheets for Craft

Craft is something that instantly energizes a person since it is all about creativity. With advancement of papers and stickers and technology, people of all ages can now make their favourite items. Now, one can use their own photos as well as creations so as to transfer certain images to any surface by use of decal papers. They are made of 100% fabric and one can prepare their projects with creativity, make lots of patchwork and designs in textile too.

Laser water -slide decal paper Reviews

Clear and White Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper

  • Create your own custom decals
  • Use clear water slide paper on light surfaces and white on dark surfaces...
  • Apply to metal, plastic
  • Pack contains x 3 Clear and x 3 White A4 Inkjet Water Slide Papers...
  • Design your own mugs and plates for special gifts or novelty items...

KOALA Inkjet Iron-On T-Shirt Transfer Paper for Light Fabrics

  • Eco-friendly Material Meets High Standard Environment Require
  • 100% Waterproof, Long-lasting Colour With No Cracking.
  • Specific Design For Use on Light 100% Cotton T-shirt or Fabric.
  • Hot or Cold Peel off
  • Vivid And Fast Colours

Water Slide Decal Paper by Gecko Paper

Water Slide Decal Paper by Gecko Paper

  • MULTIPLE USES - Perfect for die-cast modellers

Laser Printer Clear Water Slide Decal Paper 10 Sheets A4

  • Water Slide Decal Paper
  • Simply PRINT - CUT OUT
  • Print onto PLASTICS - METAL
  • Expert CUSTOMER SUPPORT for any project

Clear Laser Printer Waterslide Decal Paper A3 5 Sheets

Clear Laser Printer Waterslide Decal Paper A3 5 Sheets

  • A3 Size for large
  • Print transfers onto Wood
  • Apply your own pictures and designs onto flat surfaces
  • Paper prints straight through A3 compatible laser printers

You can easily sticker yourself absolutely without any pain by using inkjet or laser papers of a tattoo. You might be thinking what is decal paper used for? Well, decal paper can help in transferring dishwasher designs over the ceramics. Prepare your own greeting card or scarp creatives through extensive decal papers.

What are decal sheets?

Water slide decal sheets are based on water and are usually printed upwards. They base on dextrose corn sugar material from the paper so as to bond proper decal transfer towards a surface. A normal layer of adhesive based on water is used to add to the decal. This will create a much stronger bond and sometimes placed inside the lacquer layers so as to create a proper transfer of decal.

Generally decal paper has a film of glucose that is added before the layer of dextrose. This gives it a wonderful adhesion property. Also, the layer of dextrose gives such strength that it helps in sliding off this paper and also to the substrate.

Types of decal sheets

Priced at , this decal sheet is made from manufacturer named Gecko Paper. Weight of the item is approximately 118grams and dimension is 30×21.5×0.5cms. Paper is absolutely clear and items packed are a total of ten. Here are the features described:

  • Very simple, effective and easier to create:
    Whether there is a non-porous surface, decal papers are simple and very effective to use.
  • Various uses:
    They are perfect for using diet cast models. Also, these decal sheets can be easily used on wood that is painted, glass, plastic surface, soap, metal or even into candles of wax.
  • Got in clear white sheets:
    When there are any light backgrounds these decal sheets can be used as clear sheets while preparing any creatives. Therefore, light sheets are not a problem.
  • Compatible as photocopier and LaserJet:
    There is no need to use varnish before application or any laminator; one can just use a laser printer or a proper photocopier too.

2. Clear and White Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper

Purchased at , this decal sheet is from manufacturer named Mr Decal Paper. Weight of the item is approximately 136 grams and package dimensions are 42.4 x 31.8 x 0.5 cm. There are about a hundred sheets in one package and sizes of all sheets are A4.

Well, if you are thinking to design your mug sets or plates to gift is as special gifts, nothing can be better than using clear and white Inkjet Decal sheets. Here are its specifications:

  • U shipping is absolutely free for everyone purchasing decal sheets here.
  • One can purchase clear and transparent water slide sheets on lighter surface areas and use white sheets r surfaces that are darker.
  • Use it on plastic, wooden surfaces, ceramics, metal surfaces, wax candles, and glass or soap.
  • Each packet contains your favourite stickers you choose: 3 clear and 3 white Inkjet decal sheets.

3. KOALA Inkjet Iron-On T-Shirt Transfer Paper for Light Fabrics

Brand name being Koala, this decal sheet weighs to 222 grams. Dimensions of the package are 31.5 x 23 x 0.8 cm. There are approximately 20 sheets for lighter surface usage. All papers are of A4 sizes. The specification of the same is given as under:

  • These eco-friendly material sheets require much higher standards of environment conditions.
  • They can dry out instantly without letting the surface feel too sticky.
  • It is 100% waterproof and colour is long-lasting with no cracking surface.
  • There are specific designs used only for lighter surfaces. Surface should be cotton- either a cotton t-shirt or any fabric of cotton.
  • Do not use it to iron or use heat presses domestically. Sticker will get peeled off in cool or hot temperatures.
  • Colours are vivid and fast, air permeability is better.
  • This can be used for all types of inkjet printers.
  • Ink types used here are either dye ink or pigment-based ink.

4. Laser Printer Clear Water Slide Decal Paper 10 Sheets A4

Much easier to use, these decal sheets come as A4 sheets with ten sheets in one package. It can be purchased at an amount of . If you want to gift your near and dear ones with a wonderful self-made coffee mug with their image imprinted on it, these decal sheets are best options. Here are the features:

  • These are water slide decal sheets used for laser printers with A4 blank sheets.
  • Simple to use as these sheets need to be printed, cut out, dipped in water and slid over a surface area.
  • Sheets can be used over whiter and much lighter coloured surfaces making it feel like a smooth texture altogether.
  • You can easily print it over metal, glass surfaces, wood and ceramic and also wax.
  • Shipping is absolutely free. If there is any feedback, feel free to contact customer support centre anytime.

5. Clear Laser Printer Waterslide Decal Paper A3 5 Sheets

Purchased at , this decal paper is used to make custom artwork. If you want large artworks and prints on an A3 sheet, using clear laser waterslide decal sheet of A3 size will be appropriate. There are approximately five sheets in a package each weighing 136 grams and of size 42.4 x 31.8 x0.8 cm. The features of the same are given underneath:

  • For people working on large impressive artworks, A3 laser printers are used to prepare wonderful custom designs.
  • These prints easily transfer over metal, wood, plastic surfaces and glass we well.
  • Everyone can enjoy free shipping.
  • You can use your own images as well as designs over flat surfaces.
  • Paper prints are done straight over compatible laser printers of A3 sheets.

Well, after getting all the details of these wonderful decal papers and their usages, it’s time for you to choose the best one opted for you. Easily prepare handmade, creative and crafty materials through easy handle decal sheets.