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7 Top rated Laser Transfer Foils Reviewed

Let’s be honest! Whenever an artist or an artisan mentions using a foil in their artwork, most of the people who are unaware of this product confuse this foil with aluminium foil or some kind of metallic base sheet. The most accurate name of this foil is transfer sheet.

Laser Transfer Foils Reviews

KOALA Inkjet Iron On T Shirt Transfer Paper for Light Fabrics x 10 Sheets, A4

  • Eco-friendly Material Meets High Standard Environment Require
  • 100% Waterproof, Long-lasting Colour With No Cracking.
  • Specific Design For Use on Light 100% Cotton T-shirt or Fabric.
  • Hot or Cold Peel off
  • Vivid And Fast Colours



  • Transfer foils are a great way to add colour to your craft projects...
  • The colour of the foils transfers from the dull side of the foil when pressed on to a sticky...
  • Can be used to decorate all kinds of double sided adhesives.
  • Always apply dull side of the foil to the adhesive surface.

Silver Foil - Laser Printer Heat Transfer Foil - Hot Foiling - 15cm x 3m

Silver Foil - Laser Printer Heat Transfer Foil - Hot Foiling - 15cm x 3m

  • Turn Black print into silver using a laser printer and laminator
  • Ideal for creating metallic effects for card making
  • Transform your scrapbooking, collage or art and design work
  • Learn a new craft with hundreds of potential applications
  • Create unique wedding invitations or business cards

C&T Publishing Lutradur Mixed Media Sheets

  • The perfect medium for many crafting; sewing; quilting and scrapbooking projects
  • It's terrific for 3-D wall art and ideal as an ink jet printing medium...
  • LUTRADUR has countless applications: it can be sewn; drawn and painted on...

50 Sheets A4 8" x 12" Hot Gold Heat Transfer Laser Printer Foil Papers

  • Color: gold
  • Size: about 285 x 205mm /12" x 8"
  • Quantity: 1 bag (50 sheets)
  • Uses: mainly used for invitations

Stix2 10 Sheets of Transfer Foils Chocolate Box Treats Colours Gold Silver

Stix2 10 Sheets of Transfer Foils Chocolate Box Treats Colours Gold Silver

  • 10 Sheets of Pick & Mix Colour transfer foils
  • 2 sheets each of: black magic
  • Ideal for use with Stix2 ultra sticky clear tapes & sheets
  • Each sheet measures approx 9cm x 10cm
  • Easy to use and mess free

Thermoweb Deco Foil Transfer Sheet 6 x 12-inch Rose Gold 20 s

  • Apply with Deco foil liquid adhesive foam or iron-on sheets
  • Made out of paper
  • Made in Taiwan

In general an artist or a craftsman commonly use these transfer foils that are made of metal. Transfer foils come in several kinds: matte, tinted, pigmented, clear, holographic, pearled, and patterned. These are widely available and the easiest form of foil to find.

Laser Transfer Foil requires adhesive to grab the hold and a strip is provided to pull off the top layer of the plastic film. This is the only reason why you should always go for the coloured and garnished foils.

Recently this has been a trend of adding transfer foils to scrapbooks, cards that are handmade and you can even use it for mixing media art through phantom foil machineries. Many unaware people discard the lovely refusals and the rest protect them but still do not know the process of putting them into the right piece of art.

For a detailed knowledge, we have provided you a series of products and their reviews from the customers alongside the ratings. Before you wish to shine out your art, go and have a thorough check of the product and then opt to buy it.

1. Thermoweb Deco Foil Transfer Sheet 6 x 12-inch Rose Gold 20 s

So here is the first and the foremost product that we are going to talk about. These Laser transfer foils are owned by Thermoweb Deco and are available at 9.61£ on the online platform

These sheets are suitable for the ideal use on fabric papers and other porous surfaces. To make it work its best you can apply these foil sheets with liquefied adhesive foam or iron sheets that are often sold separately.
The packaging is made very attractive and easy to recognize, each of the packages contain 20 sheets of 12×6 inch dimensions and weighs 9.07g.

Laser transfer foils of this brand are available in various colours; they are acid free and are washable on fabrics.
With the 57% of 5 stars consumer ratings, it has become the topmost sold item of the year.

  • Requires liquid adhesive foam or iron on sheets
  • Made of paper
  • Are made in Taiwan initially
  • Available in gold, silver and rose gold colours
  • Price: 9.61£.
  • Dimensions: 12×6 inches
  • Weighs 9.07g

2. Mr Decal Paper Silver Foil - Laser Printer Heat Transfer Foil - Hot Foiling - 15cm x 3m

The next product we are going to review is transfer foils owned by Mr Decal Paper. These Laser transfer Foils are mostly available in silver colour and are priced at on

Mr Decal Paper transfer foils works wonderfully on transforming black images or the texts into metallic. All you need to do is take a print out of the black or any dark shaded image and text, cut an equal size chunk of the foil and place it on top of your design, facing the metallic side up.

Once it is done, you need to pass that through a laminator or an iron for the heat transfer. The foil that has metallic finishing layers the laser printers toner giving an impressive outcome every time. The package comes with full-fledged instructions to help you out with the usage of the Laser transfer Foils. Widely used in scrapbooks, collage and other paper works, the transfer foils of Mr Decal papers are 15cm x 3m and area available in one colour that is silver.

With the best consumer ratings, it has become the most useful sheets for the best artwork.

  • Magically turns the black print, text or image into silver.
  • For a good result it uses laser printers and laminators.
  • Ideal for producing metallic effects for the card making.
  • Ideal for scrapbooking, design work and collage art.
  • Contributes in making wonderful wedding invitations or attractive business cards.

3. EAGLESTIME 50 Sheets A4 8 Inch x 12 Inch Hot Gold Heat Transfer Laser Printer Foil Papers

The next is transfer foils from EAGLESTIME.

You can make the best out of these Laser transfer Foils owned by EAGLESTIME, as it is fold in colour and are available at a less expensive price at online on Eaglestime laser papers are great to use as figured out from the consumer’s reviews and ratings. The product is widely used for invitations, certificates, business cards, year planners, and any for creating other bronzing words.

You can easily use this foil paper by simply following the instructions that often comes with the package, which mainly consists of the following steps:

  • You need to print an image on a paper.
  • Then cover the printed image with a gold foil.
  • You can make it look artistic with an iron or a hot laminator to process it.
  • Then at the last peel off the paper.

Each package comes with 50 sheets of A4 size (8”x12”). It widely uses laser print or the copy of the text pattern.
With the best customers reviews, the laser transfer foils of EAGLESTIME has stood out as a good product and satisfying the desires of a good art work, also gaining the trust of its users.

  • Available in gold colour.
  • Priced at .
  • Each package contains a bagful of sheets, 50 each.
  • Used for making Business cards, invitations, calendars, and many more such products.

4. Stix2 Sheets Transfer Foils Festival Colours Shiny Iridescent Blue Green Turquoise

The next is laser foils that are owned by a well renowned brand Stix2. The laser transfer foils of Stix2 are a great way to add on colours to your projects, crafts, and masterpiece artwork.

This is widely available at Amazon at 1.81 £ only. They pretty inexpensive, easy and hassle free to use and are available in a wide variety of colours blue, turquoise and green. After using these foils, the colour of the sheets gets dull when pressed on to a sticky surface. It can be used to decorate any kind of two sided adhesives. It can also be ideally used with clear sticky tapes and sheets, foam pads, shapes and many others.

It is desirable for you to use the dull side of the laser transfer foils sheets to the adhesive surface, also well known for its hassle-free mess-free usage. With 72% of 5 stars rating from the daily customers, this product is making a huge sale in this year.

  • The Stix2 foil sheets are immense ways to add up colours to your projects.
  • It can be used ideally in the sheets that have adhesive on both sides of the surface.
  • A package consists of a set of shiny foils that has 12 different coloured sheets: blue aqua waves, uniform blue, gorgeous green, turquoise tickle, in the navy.

5. C&T Publishing Lutradur Mixed Media Sheets

The next product that we are going to talk about is Laser Transfer Foils, which is a product of the brand C&T Publishing Lutradur. These foils are believed to be the most versatile pieces of foil. It is called versatile for a reason, you can use it in any possible way you want, cut, sew, paint, draw, design, die cut, weave etc. It can take all that and create an attractive outcome.

The packaging is done beautifully that can be recognised quite easily, each of them carries 10 foil sheets of 4.54g each and their dimensions are 23.4 x 0.4 x 28.9 cm. Unfortunately, these are found in white colours only, but the white colour makes it easier to do anything on the paper. It is also ideal for using it on the scrapbooks and making business cards. The Laser Transfer Foils of C&T Publishing is widely available on Amazon and is priced at just 10.79£. It might seem a little expensive but it works wonders.

With ratings of 69% of 5 stars, this product has proven its worth, has gained the trust of the customers with its awesome quality, and features.

  • Perfect sheets for any sort of crafting, projects and scrapbooking.
  • Can be used on the wall as 3D wall art hanging.
  • It is a versatile piece; it allows drawing, sewing, and painting.
  • Priced at
  • Weighs 4.54g
  • Dimensions are 23.4 x 0.4 x 28.9 cm.

6. Stix2 10 Sheets of Transfer Foils Chocolate Box Treats Colours Gold Silver

The next Laser Transfer Foils that has gained almost 80% of 5 stars is foils of a renowned brand Stix2. Stix2 laser foils are available on Amazon at a price of just 1.99£; this is the most attractive foil sheets because it has a good-coloured sheet, like chocolate ripple, black magic, golden shot, and rose delight.

The package is made attractive and recognisable; each package contains 10 sheets of Stix2 foils, 2 sheets each of the above stated colours. The colours get worn out when you paste it on a sticky surface. You can use this to decorate any kind of surface that has adhesives on both sides. It can also be ideally used with sticky tapes and sheets, foam pads etc.

You should always remember to put the dull side of the Laser Transfer Foils paper on the sticky surface.

  • Dimensions 16 x 10.6 cm and weighs 118g, hassle free and easy to use.
  • Each package has 10 Sheets transfer foils
  • Allows mix and matching of the various
  • Each of the sheets measure 9cm x 10cm approximately.
  • Easy to use, mess free and hassle free foils.

7. KOALA Inkjet Iron On T Shirt Transfer Paper for Light Fabrics x 10 Sheets, A4

The next product is Koala Inkjet Transfer paper.

Inkjet Laser transfer foil papers are used for light fabrics only, for example shirts and other clothes to make it look interesting and attractive. The papers owned by Koala Inkjet can be useful if you are a DIY enthusiast, it can magically change a boring plain fabric into wonderful designs. The papers are special coated that is used to print on your personal choice of designs or images onto a cotton fabric or a t-shirt.

This kind of laser transfer foil works a little differently and on the cotton clothes only. It requires a lot of careful handling:

  • You have to carefully avoid getting your fingerprints on the printed side before and after the coating, as it may leave unwanted imprints.
  • The fabric that is being printed on should not be curled up or folded.
  • You should also avoid scratching of the print.
  • Keep in mind that it should not be exposed to high temperature, humidity or scorching sun, it could highly affect the time of drying and the quality of the print.

The sheets are of A4 size and weighs 150g. The sheets are held in an attractive packaging that contains 10 sheets each. With 66% of 5 stars, this product has been rated as a good transfer foil sheets that allows drawing and printing image or figure you wish to.

  • These sheets are made of eco-friendly materials that meets the high standards of environment requirements.
  • Dries instantly.
  • It is made of 100% waterproof, and has the most long-lasting colour prints with no chance of cracking.
  • Has particular design for you to use on 100% Cotton T-shirt or Fabric.
  • It is vivid and is available in fast colours, has good air permeability, and is compatible for all types Inkjet Printer, dye inks, & pigmented inks.

As you venture to buy one of these best quality Laser transfer Foils, you should first follow the product descriptions thoroughly, then the consumer’s reviews that have already used it and then the ratings.

It may not be always necessary that the most expensive products work wonderfully, the price of the product does depend upon the quality, colour, etc. but even the inexpensive ones work wonderfully if done in a right way.
Your only motto is to find out the usefulness of the product and check that it is the appropriate one for your purpose. We assure you that, these are the top products of different brands that have proven to be the most useful ones.