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5 Best Inkjet Water Slide Decal Papers

It is a known fact that out of all types of decals, water slide decals (also known as slip decals) are the most efficient. They are used to achieve the highest details in printing and that is why are widely used for craft areas like scale models and also in do-it-yourself projects like printing on electronic devices.

The mechanism through which water slide decal paper can be used for printing is simple enough. These water mounted decals are printed by placing them face up and use the residue glucose from the paper to bond the decal with any printing surface.

Inkjet Water Slide Decal Paper Reviews

White Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper 5 Sheets A4

  • WHITE INKJET Water Slide Decal Paper Sheets Blank A4
  • Create decals for DARK surfaces and for designs with WHITE in them....
  • Expert CUSTOMER SUPPORT for any project by decal makers

Clear Inkjet Waterslide Decal Paper A4 5 Sheets

  • INKJET Print your own DECALS onto WHITE and LIGHT Colour Surfaces
  • Used to create thousands of CRAFT PROJECTS

VOSO - 20 Sheets A4 Inkjet Light Water Transfer Paper for Cup Decal Craft DIY # 640244B

  • Compatible with all ink jet printers
  • A4 size sheets light ink jet water slide transfers / decals for ceramics...
  • Make your items special with your own designs on them
  • Suitable for your ceramic
  • There will be a transparent background

Previously, the technique of using water slide decal was only applied by professionals and was not easily accessible. However, with the advent of computer printing techniques like Inkjet, the process has gained rapid popularity and is now implemented by small businesses, to fulfil hobbies and even at homes.

However, to get the best decals through Inkjet, it is crucial to have the best Inkjet water slide decal paper handy. You will want to ensure that the paper works for non-porous surfaces like wood, glass, plastic, metal and even soap or wax.

Below we have reviewed the best Inkjet water slide decal paper to make it easier for you to make a choice for buying decal papers.

1. A4 Inkjet water slide decal transfer paper from Rolurious

This A4 size water slide decal transfer paper for Inkjet printers is available on Amazon for £14.99. Each pack contains 20 sheets of paper and has garnered a lot of positive reviews from customers.

The sheets are transparent clear and perfect for do it yourself projects at home using Inkjet printers.

The paper is perfect for printing smaller images on surfaces like wood, wax, glass and even if you want to decorate your nails. However, if you are planning to get a large image printed on any surface, the details might not come off perfectly.

Also, I would suggest to always apply a coat of clear resin or any acrylic clear lacquer after your decal dries to make sure that it stays properly put on the surface.
These papers are useful and can be quite handy when it comes to doing any project involving printing at home.

  • Normal transparent clear A4 sized sheets for DIY projects.
  • The entire package weighs 259gms.
  • The package dimension is measured at 30.2 x 20.6 x 0.6cms.
  • Great papers for decal transfer on glass, metal, wax and even nails.

2. Clear Inkjet water slide decal papers by Mr. Decal Paper

This clear Inkjet water slide decal paper from Mr. Decal Paper is available in packages of five sheets at £6.99 on Amazon.

These papers are ideal for printing decals on either white or light coloured surface. They can transfer decals with precision and thus can be used for printing on a myriad of surfaces like glass, wood, ceramics, plastics, metal etc.

The process to use them is pretty standard. Just print your decal using inkjet printers, coat the image with spray varnish after the ink dries off, dip the paper in water and then carefully slide it on the surface.

However, do not use acrylic spray as these are water soluble.

I have found that the paper is one of the best inkjet water slide decal papers for printing on plates, mugs etc. If you are into creating custom decals for carriages, railways, war planes, vintage cars etc. these papers can be used to print the decals efficiently.

Also, cutting the paper around the decal image can make it easier for you to get the print on your chosen surface.

  • Each pack contains 5 sheets of clear decal paper
  • These papers can be used to print efficiently on white or light coloured surface
  • The process of printing is standard
  • You must spray varnish on the decal image to make sure it transfers properly on the surface

3. TPW A4 Inkjet water slide decal paper by AMZ

The TPW Inkjet water slide decal paper by AMZ comes in a package of twenty sheets at £16.95 on Amazon.

The paper has garnered excellent reviews from users and is good value for money.

The sheets of papers are clear and can be used for decal printing on white or light coloured surfaces. They are compatible with Inkjet printers, but cannot be used for laser printers.

The sheets of paper are standard A4 size (210x297mm) and can be used for printing on surfaces like glass, metals, ceramic, wood and plastic.

The sheets can transfer small to large images but I have found that it takes longer than other decal sheets to transfer the images. The paper is thicker in comparison to others and that is why the process takes more time than with other papers.

Overall the sheets are quite useful for DIY projects at home.

  • A4 size papers with standard printing process
  • Compatible with Inkjet printers but cannot be used for laser ones
  • Can transfer decal on white and light coloured surfaces
  • Needs lacquer or the decal print will dissolve in water

4. VOSO Inkjet light water transfer paper

The VOSO Inkjet light water transfer paper is reasonably priced at for twenty sheets of paper on Amazon.

Even though they can be used for decal printing on any surface, they are most efficient for ceramics and printing on cups, mugs, plates etc.

Each sheet is white in colour and comes with a standard removable transparent background which needs to be removed while printing.

I have found that the product is best if you are making do it yourself crafts for ceramics. But you need to be generous with your clear varnish spray to make sure that the decal has set on the papers. Otherwise, the paint will dissolve as soon as you add water.

  • Twenty sheets of A4 sized papers used for standard decal printing procedures
  • Compatible with every inkjet printer, not compatible with laser printers
  • Needs liberal varnish spray to make sure the print is set
  • Good for making prints on ceramics

5. White Inkjet water slide decal papers from Mr. Decal Paper

If you are looking for printing on dark surfaces, this is the best option for it.

These A4 size sheets, available in packs of five, can be used for decal printing on dark surfaces for designs with white in them.

The papers are compatible with all types of Inkjet printers and are quite efficient in printing images accurately.

I have found them to be especially useful because they work on dark surfaces unlike most printing papers. However, don’t forget to apply varnish on the decal image to make the ink waterproof before printing it.

The sheets are priced at £6.99 for five sheets on Amazon.

  • Can be used for printing designs with white in them on dark surfaces
  • Are perfect for printing on wood, ceramics, glass, metal, wax etc.
  • Transfers images accurately
  • The papers have coated finish.

These are some of the most popular products you can choose from it.