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Put A Glance At The Top Five Inkjet Tattoo Papers Reviewed!

Tattoos are probably on the wish list of every individual since their teenage years. Some people get the chance and courage to get it done whilst the others are not quite sure about getting a permanent mark on their skin. So, then came the innovative temporary tattoo idea which took the world by storm.

The temporary tattoos can be easily printed with the help of some good quality printable tattoo papers and they look entirely real. The best part is that these tattoos are temporary and can be washed off with water and soap. So, it gives the feeling of having a tattoo but without the pain. Of course, that is so amazing!

Best Temporary Tattoo Paper for Inkjet Printer Reviews

Silhouette inkjet printable temporary tattoo paper

  • Pack of 2 sheets of printable tattoo paper
  • 8.5" x 11" sheets

MR Decal paper inkjet tattoos

  • INKJET Print your own favourite Tattoos
  • As used in theatre and film studios
  • Very realistic, durable, water resistant and long lasting
  • Full instructions - easy to use
  • Learn how to download hundreds of free tattoo designs

Madaboutink 2-Part Pro Inkjet Tattoo Transfer Paper

Madaboutink 2-Part Pro Inkjet Tattoo Transfer Paper

  • Premium tattoo transfer paper
  • A4 size (210mm x 297mm)
  • 2-part design
  • Inkjet printable

In this post, the readers get to read the reviews of some of the most trustworthy and popular Inkjet tattoo papers which can be used for printing temporary tattoos without a second thought.

The first review is of the very popular temporary tattoo transfer paper by Gecko. This product has been getting a lot of positive reviews from the customers. It comes at a price of and provides a package of four sheets in A4 size. This is one of the best methods to get a quick and easy tattoo without any pain. The sheets come in the perfect A4 size with an adhesive film which makes the process even easier.

Moreover, the design could be anything of your choice because one can print it through their personal inkjet or even laser printers. So, it is an amazing tool for people who want to experiment the tattoo design first. Or, maybe some individuals are too scared to get a real tattoo but they do want to be a part of the fun and so these tattoo papers are excellent because the adhesive might even stay for almost a week if not scrubbed with soap or water.

Another added advantage of this inkjet tattoo paper is that they are extremely cost-effective and can be used per square inch if cut wisely.

2. Madaboutink 2-Part Pro Inkjet Tattoo Transfer Paper

This is another brand of temporary tattoo paper that use top quality of adhesive which is also safe for skin to a great extent. Now, this package also comes with temporary tattoo papers of A4 size sheet, but three in number. It is a bit expensive as compared to the previous one, because it’s priced at for three sheets but the quality of the paper is quite amazing.

Moreover, it is inkjet printable and offers great long-lasting tattoo which looks real. It comes in a 2-part design which makes it more popular among tattoo lovers.

3. MR Decal paper inkjet tattoos

Next is the Mr Decal inkjet tattoo paper which is extremely long lasting, durable and water resistant as well. This package comes with five A4 sheets and is priced at . The item is easily available on and has got some impressive reviews as well. This inkjet tattoo paper weighs around 227g and provides high quality paper with great adhesive as well. The tattoos last for around five to six days due to the top quality of the tattoo paper adhesive.

Moreover, these papers are not just suitable for skin but an also be used to decorate certain wooden pieces or even wooden vases or canvas cloth for decoration purposes as well. So, getting a tattoo will be painless and quick and there won’t be any tension of having a wrong design printed forever on the skin. So, it will be a win-win situation entirely.

4. Silhouette inkjet printable temporary tattoo paper

One of the customer’s favourite tattoo papers offered by Silhouettes is gaining a lot of popularity these days. The enthusiasts mainly use these temporary tattoos to add a glam to any party or to get that quirky quotient while on a holiday with friends! This particular temporary tattoo paper comes with a special adhesive that is water-activated and can be easily removed with simply warm water or a wet washcloth as well.

It is extremely safe on the skin and therefore can easily be used by kids as well but with an adult supervision. The tattoos last for around three to four days without the touch of water. But, if needed the tattoo can be removed with a gentle scrub with some wet wipe. These sheets are compatible with inkjet printers but do not forget to flip the image before getting the accurate tattoo print. It is easily available on amazon within a package of two sheets which is priced at . Well, that is quite cost-effective and that is one of the major reasons for its increasing demand.

This is the most cost effective temporary tattoo printing paper which is inkjet compatible and comes at a mind blowing price of . One package consists of twenty sheets of blank tattoo papers with top quality adhesive for printing tattoos. This package weighs around 259 g and it has no additional shipping or delivery charges. It is sold by the popular brand Rolurious and provides A4 sized sheets.

The most amazing part about this tattoo paper is that it can also be used for drawing a tattoo on glass and the adhesive used is quite environment friendly with almost no side effects on skin. However, people with sensitive skin must do a patch test prior to sticking the printed tattoo paper on their skin. Some people also use this for printing on candles and even for nail art. The sheet comes with an easy instruction guide for the newbies. So, people can follow the step-by-step guide and get a temporary tattoo with a snap of fingers. One important tip is to use a clear resin spray on the tattoo sheet after printing the image on it. That makes the tattoo print more long-lasting than before.