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By using a diamante buckle and 2 layers over coordinating ribbon, we will show you how to create this elegant wedding favour or gift box. There is an excellent choice of colours for the ribbons and favour boxes, so you should always be able to create a look to suit your occasion.


  • Blue Wedding Favour Box
  • White 7mm Organza Ribbon
  • White 3mm Satin Ribbon
  • Small Silver Diamante Buckle
  • Sticky tape


1. Make up the favour box and fill it with your gift. Once the ribbon is tied around in the next few steps, you won’t be able to get into it again…

2. The next step is to wrap the wider 7mm organza ribbon around the box. We are using about 22cm of the white organza ribbon in this example. Tape one end of it to the centre point of the underside of the box, wrap it around the box, trying to keep it in the centre, and tape it down firmly on the underside of the box.

3. Now we need to repeat this with the narrower 3mm satin ribbon. Thread the buckle onto it first, so that the buckle is about half way along the ribbon. Position the buckle centrally on the top of the box, so that the satin ribbon is centred on the organza ribbon. Tape down the satin ribbon on the underside of the box, making sure that it is centred on the organza ribbon on the sides of the box. Your box is finished!