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Looking for a quick and easy idea for creating a rustic or organic themed card? Here are step-by-step instructions for making that perfect card, suitable for many holidays or occasions using cards blanks, unfinished wooden shapes and a few other embellishments.

Supplies Needed:


STEP 1:  Cut a piece of Pearlescent Card measuring 7x11cm


STEP 2:  Attach this onto the card blank using double-sided adhesive tape.

Step 3:  Attach three wood shapes to the pearlescent card using double-sided adhesive tape.

Step 4:  Punch out some shapes with craft punches. Try different sizes for more interest.

Step 5:  Attach the punched out shapes to the card randomly using double-sided adhesive tape or foam pads for dimension. Let some of the shapes overlap the edge of the card.

Step 6:  Trim the edges, so that nothing protrudes.

Step 7: Finally, write a greeting or sentiment with marker.