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Instructions for Dry Rub off Decals

1. Print off the transparent paper using normal settings on the rougher side of the paper. You will know if you have not printed on the right side because the print will appear watery. If this happens wipe off the ink and start again. You must leave the paper to dry for at least 1 hour or the process will not work and you will run into problems at the later stages.

2. The other paper which is part of the set is an adhesive paper. Carefully peel off the backing paper to reveal a very sticky surface, try not to touch it with your hands as it is very sticky. This adhesive paper is available in white or clear.

3. The next stage is to attach the printed paper to the sticky paper. The best way to do this is to place the sticky paper sticky side up on a flat surface. Then carefully place the printed surface of the printed paper face down onto the top of the sticky surface. Start at the top and work down, It is very important that you form an airtight seal between the paper so take your time. Once you have attached the papers together use your thumb to rub them firmly together and push out any air bubbles.

4. Use a pair of scissors or a craft knife to cut out your designs. Remember if using the white paper to cut carefully around the image or you will have a white border, the clear paper is easier to cut because any border around the image will appear clear.

5. Next you need to peel off the white backing paper from the image, it can be a bit fiddly so use a sharp edge to catch the surface. Peel off completely and be careful when handling the decal because it is very sticky at this stage.

6. The adhesive paper has transferred an adhesive surface to the printed side of the transparent paper. The Decal is now ready to use.

7. Place the sticky decal face down onto the surface you are decorating and start to rub using you nail a stick or coin. Make sure you rub well all over the surface.

8. At this stage the decal still has a plastic backing so you need to remove this to reveal the finished decal. We used a sharp knife to do this. If the plastic backing does not come off easily then you have not rubbed the decal enough or have not left the transparent printed paper to dry long enough.

9. The finished decal can be revealed, it appears to be slightly soft so you can use your finger to smooth it out further, the decal will later turn hard. You can use dry rub off decals on any surface from porous to non porous the trick is to leave the printed transparent paper to dry long enough and you shouldn’t run into any problems

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Dry Rub off Decals Reviews

Dry Rub Off Decal Paper 5 Sheets A4

  • Print your own rub on transfers
  • Popular choice on paper
  • Produces a flush decal effect for impressive card making toppers and decals...
  • Popular in creating decals for miniature dolls houses and guitars
  • Print directly through either an Inkjet or Laser Printer

O BOSSTOP A4 Sublimation Ink Transfer Paper (100 Sheets) 8.27" x 11.7" for HP,EPSON ME Series,RICOH GX Series and SAWGRASS Inkjet Printers Sublimation Paper for Mug

  • Single-side printed,the correct side is white
  • Sublimation paper suitable for phone case
  • The transferred image is durable and will not peel off
  • Caution - This is NOT cotton t-shirt transfer paper(cotton only can content<30%)...
  • For this sublimation paper

Sunnyscopa Rub-Off Transfer Paper for Inkjet Printer - Clear, A4, 5 Sheets - for DIY Personalized Gifts, Albums on Weddings, Anniversaries, Christmas and More

  • No equipment or tool needed
  • Perfect way to make personalised gift cards
  • Adhesive sheet transfers glue to the printout
  • The applied image does not come off easily.
  • Close to 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in manufacturing quality decal paper since 1990.

Decal Sticker Dry (Dry Rub Off): 1 Sheet A4, Laser & Inkjet Print

Decal Sticker Dry (Dry Rub Off): 1 Sheet A4, Laser & Inkjet Print

  • Format: DIN A4 (210 x 297 mm)
  • Type: Transparent Film
  • Box contents: The kit consists of 2 parts: Foil Print And leaflet "glue...
  • Product Features: Support for decals printable on both laser and inkjet printers...
  • Use: Works great on all materials