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Review of 5 Best Freezer Papers

You must have come across many recipes that mention a name called freezer paper. If you are still wondering what it is all about, then you must know that it is a type of paper used for wrapping food items. But do not confuse it with parchment paper or wax paper. A freezer paper is thick in shape that has one side coated with plastic or wax.

Best Reynolds Freezer Paper Reviews

Silk craft Freezer PaperSheets

Silk craft Freezer PaperSheets

  • Approx. 50 sheets of A4 freezer paper

June Tailor Inkjet Printable Freezer Paper 8.5 11-inch Pack of 10

June Tailor Inkjet Printable Freezer Paper 8.5 11-inch Pack of 10

  • Print your own applique patterns directly onto freezer paper using your computer and ink-jet printer...
  • This package contains ten 11 by 8-1/2-inch black sheets of white freezer paper...
  • good for customizing your projects

C. Jenkins Freezer Paper Sheets, 12 x 15 in (Pack of 40)

C. Jenkins Freezer Paper Sheets, 12 x 15 in (Pack of 40)

  • Special coating for better adhesiveness to fabrics
  • Paper is fifty-four pounds each to prevent rolling and curling
  • Package contains forty 15 x 12 inch freezer paper sheets

Freezer papers are not in extensive use now. Earlier they were used to wrap up meat that was kept in the freezer. The wax or plastic coated side was used to cover the meat. This protected the outer surface of the meat against any dust and germ. It also prevents moisture loss from the meat. The outer side of the freezer paper is made in such a way that you can write or print on it. Therefore labeling of the meat could be done easily. The Best Reynolds Freezer Paper is a very popular one in this category.

In this article, you will find the reviews of some of the best freezer papers that are available in the market. We are hopeful that these reviews will make your buying process easy.

1. Sew Easy Multipurpose Freezer Paper for Quilting and Applique

This freezer paper listed on Amazon is getting a good response from the users. It acts great to serve your creative needs. It is thick and thus can be easily used for any type of craft. If you are fond of quilting then this freezer paper can come to great help.

The Sew Easy Multipurpose Freezer Paper allows you to try out your favourite art and craft on it very easily. It is a great option to try out templates, stencils, and art tracings. This freezer paper can be used to make the basic layer for paints and wet items. It can also be used to cover the base of drawers, shelves, and cupboards.

This freezer paper helps you to try out all your creativity on it from making basic sketches to beautiful creative designs. It has got all the useful features that you would ever want in a freezer paper. You can compare it with the Best Reynolds Freezer Paper and see the results yourself.

  • Dimensions of the product: 46.7 * 6.6 * 5.9 cm
  • Weighs around 960 grams
  • A thick paper to sustain your creativity
  • Ideal for quilting, tracing, and stencil
  • Can act as a good base for paints

2. June Tailor Inkjet Printable Freezer Paper 8.5 11-inch Pack of 10

The next in the review list is the freezer paper from June Tailor. This freezer paper can be easily printed using an inkjet printer. You can make your creative designs on the computer and get them transferred to this freezer paper. The sheets are white in colour, thus anything you print on it is very nicely visible.

You get a good eleven number of papers in a single box. Therefore try till you get your designs perfect and boost your creativity. You can complete your total project by buying a single box of this freezer paper. It can save a good amount of your useful time as you do not need to use your pen and pencil to draw on it. Instead, you can directly print the design on it using an inkjet printer. This feature makes it on par with the Best Reynolds Freezer Paper.

  • Dimensions: 22.5 * 0.5 * 32 cm
  • Weighs as light as 45 grams
  • White in colour
  • Designs can be easily printed on it using an inkjet printer

3. Silkcraft Freezer Paper Sheets A4

The Silkcraft Freezer paper has got good review ratings from the users. The pack comes with A4 sized freezer papers that are ideal for drawing designs. You can also use the waxed size for stencils. Draw on the plain side of the paper, then place the waxed side on a cloth and run an iron, your pattern is ready.

It is thinner than the Best Reynolds Freezer Paper, therefore, works great with a printer. Get your projects completed quickly by getting your designs printed with this freezer paper. The pack contains 50 sheets thus making the stencils easy and affordable.

  • Dimensions of one freezer paper: 30.2 * 22.4 * 0.5 cm
  • Weighs 110 grams
  • Can be printed using an inkjet printer
  • With a successful run for 5 years in the market

4. Quilter's Freezer Paper Sheets: 30 Sheets: 8 1/2 Inch X 11 Inch 4 Inch

Just not meant for wrapping your food items but can act as a great medium to translate your creativity. With great customer reviews, this freezer paper from Quilter should be a must-have in your craft room.

It is super handy and can be easily printed using an inkjet printer. Draw your favourite pattern or design a template and get them transferred to these sheets. These are ideal for stencils also.

The pack comes with 30 freezer papers and has versatile uses. Wrap your sandwich or scribble some designs, these sheets allow you to do as you like.

  • Dimensions of each sheet: 22.7 * 0.8 * 30 cm
  • Light in weight
  • Designs and patterns can be printed on it using an inkjet paper
  • Ideal for appliqués and patchworks.

5. C. Jenkins Freezer Paper Sheets, 12 x 15 in (Pack of 40)

With a great wax coating, these freezer papers can stick nicely to any fabric. The sheets do not roll or curl, therefore providing a better drawing base. You can draw anything you want on his paper or print using an inkjet printer.

Larger in size than the usual A4 papers, therefore, can fit bigger patterns and designs easily. Draw on the plain side, place the coated side on any fabric and then iron it to get your designs transferred to the fabric. It is a value for money.

These affordable freezer papers from Jenkins come in a pack of 40. Thus you can get useful freezer sheets which are as good as the Best Reynolds Freezer Paper.

  • Dimensions of each paper: 0.9 * 31.4 * 40 cm
  • Weighs around 320 grams
  • Can be printed using a printer
  • Better wax coating
  • The freezer sheets do not roll and curl
  • Available in a pack of 40 sheets

All of these sheets are amongst the best sellers in the market. They have great reviews from the users. You will get them on Amazon at an affordable price. These freezer papers have multiple uses. They can be a great kitchen utility item as well as a useful crafting tool. All are from good brands; therefore you are assured to get the best quality of each product.

Hope you find the review useful. See all the features mentioned about each of the items carefully and then decide which one will best suit your purpose.