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Best Quickie Glue Pens of 2019 for You to Buy

From simple gluing needs to crafting, every individual requires having the Best Quickie Glue pen for quickly and efficiently finishing work. However, there are numerous glue pens available in today’s market which leads to confusion among customers to understand which is of superior quality and works the best.

Best Quickie Glue Reviews

Stick It! PVA Sticky Glue Pen, 18ml - Pack of 1

Stick It! PVA Sticky Glue Pen, 18ml - Pack of 1

  • Ideal - great for card making
  • Precise - perfect for projects requiring detail and accuracy
  • Safe - acid-free, perfect for adhering photos
  • Quality - Stick It

Tonic Studios Glue Pen Medium, White

  • Suitable for arts and crafts projects
  • Acid and toxic free
  • Designed for easy usage and storage

I Love To Create" Aleene's Fast Drying Tacky Glue Pens, Multi-Colour, 19.68 x 7.62 x 1.9 cm

I Love To Create" Aleene's Fast Drying Tacky Glue Pens, Multi-Colour, 19.68 x 7.62 x 1.9 cm

  • Suitable for home interiors art works
  • Acid Free
  • Designed for easy usage

Sakura 38480 Quickie Glue Pen Pouch

Sakura 38480 Quickie Glue Pen Pouch

  • No mess, no fuss
  • Handy glue wand pen ideal for card making and smaller craft projects....
  • Also suitable for use with our glitter or sand.
  • Fine 0.6mm roller ball nib is excellent for fiddly crafts.

Zig Memory System MSB 1 mm Fine Tip 2 Way Glue Pen - Blue

Zig Memory System MSB 1 mm Fine Tip 2 Way Glue Pen - Blue

  • Memory system 1mm fine tip 2 way glue pen is suitable for all your paper crafting projects...
  • Dual action permanent and semi-permanent glue pen
  • Acid free quality is suitable for working with your precious photographs
  • Photo-safe and xylene free
  • Suitable for use on vellum paper

To solve this issue, through this article you will come to know about the best products which are available in the market for you to use. Simply go through the items below and order which one suits your requirement.

1. Sakura 38480 Quickie Glue Pen Pouch

Sakura 38480 Quickie Glue Pen Pouch
Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days

When it comes to purchasing glue pens Sakura is one of the first names that come to people’s minds due to its precise gluing option. It glue materials consists of fast drying option that makes working with it quite efficient. Also, using this glue pen means that there is no chance of having a mess in the workstation.

This glue pen is quite handy and is ideal for people who want to make cards or any small crafting project. However, what makes this item stand apart is its suitability of using with sand or glitter which is quite a hassle for people who use it for their crafts.

In addition, its 0.6mm roller nib is remarkable for intricate crafts which enhance a project’s overall look. This Best Quickie Glue weighs just 10 grams; dimension is 4.4×0.6×21.6cm and costs approx. The only thing one should keep in mind is that it is not suitable for children under 3 years and should be used by a child under parental guidance.

2. Stick It! PVA Sticky Glue Pen

This glue pen from Stick it is truly ideal for general use as well as scrapbooking and card making which makes people opt for it. It is known for its precise working that means due to glue disperse through its ballpoint makes it perfect for tasks which need accuracy and detailing. Hence, this is considered by many to be used for all gluing work as it is more efficient than any other item.

However, what makes this product unique is its safety aspects. This glue is created using materials which are acid-free that are ideal for sticking photos and pictures as well as offers no harm to the users.

This is a superior quality item which along with various other products such as adhesive tools, hot melt guns, sticky dots, etc. This item is the Best Quickie Glue whose dimension is 1.7X5.2X19.2cm, weighs around 9 grams, and costs approx.

This glue pen from Aleene is quite a product for home décor artworks which is why not just ordinary people but also interior decorators prefer using it. Also, this product is acid free which means that an individual can use it easily with any harm. However, it is not suitable for children below three years to use it and should not be swallowed in any way. This is why parental guidance is advised if children are working with such glue.

However, its sleek and efficient design is what makes it quite an item that is easy to use for all. This comes in a pack of two and has a dimension of 19.68 X 7.62 X 1.9cm which makes it quite easy to hold. This Best Quickie Glue package is priced at approximately and holds around 18.6 ml of glue in a pen.

4. Tonic Studios Glue Pen Medium

Another premium quality glue available in the market is glue pen from Tonic Studios. Like other items in this list, this product is acid as well as toxic free which makes it suitable for everyone to use it without any problem. However, it is advised that children should use it under parental supervision for the best outcome.

It is ideal for all projects related to arts and crafts as it is designed for efficient usage and storage. One of the unique things about this item is its cap covering of the ballpoint which stops from glue overflowing and helps to keep it in pristine condition. Also, one can easily keep in his/her pockets, bags, etc. without having to worry about glue spreading everywhere.

This item comes in a package which contains one unit and has a dimension of 7X7X1.50cm approximately, weighs 9 grams, and is white in colour. For this Best Quickie Glue pen, one will have to shed just £3.29 only.

5. Zig Memory System MSB 1 mm Fine Tip 2 Way Glue Pen

This is a dual action semi-permanent, and permanent 2-way adhesive pen by Zig which caters to an individual’s all crafting needs. Having acid free materials mean that one can use it for their precious pictures and photographs. To make the work permanent one should use it immediately after applying this glue to photographs or paper; in short, when this adhesive is blue it’s permanent. When adhesive is tacky, and it appears to be of crystal clear, it can be used for semi-permanent usage.

This Best Quickie Glue product is ideal as people can use it when applying to glass, foil, plastic surfaces, and glitter. Primary components available in this glue are water and acrylic emulsion which is acid and xylene free, which makes it safe to use for any purpose. A pack contains a single pen which costs approximately.

6. FOILART 1-Super Tack Glue Pen

This is the last product in this list of best glue pens, which is a super tack glue product from FOILART. This pack contains 1 item of 7 grams that allows one to have glue that is long lasting as well as quick drying.

From decorating projects to writing or drawing, this is the ideal adhesive pen to come across in the market. It is suitable for everyone to use, but for children, parental supervision is a must. It is acid as well as toxic free in nature, which makes it quite a good product and costs approx.

So, now you have the list of Best Quickie Glue pens that are available in the market. Hence, before opting for one, see which one fulfils your crafting requirement from this list and then order it online.