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A textured paper with strands of fibre embedded throughout. It tears, when wet, giving an attractive feathered edge.

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Best Mulberry Paper Reviews

Mulberry Paper

  • Size 9 × 12 inches.
  • 60 Sheets of Mulberry Paper
  • Color like images
  • Product of Thailand
  • Paper sheets contain in mulberry paper bag

5/5 from 14 reviews

100 Paper Sheets 6 x 6 inch Origami square paper double sided paper arts and japanese folding crafts for kids 6x6 design origami color paper fold pack paper folding crafts for kids

  • Size 15 CM.X15 cm
  • 100 Sheets of Mulberry Paper
  • 4 sheets for each color
  • Product of Thailand
  • 25 colors/kind

4.5/5 from 6 reviews