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6 Of the Best Fire Retardant Fabrics to Choose From

Fire hazard is quite a threat to homes and commercial places. Hence, more people nowadays are looking to switch to fabrics which are fire retardant. Hence, knowing about high-quality fabrics is quite essential for all.

Before making a decision and ordering a product online, it is suggested to go through the reviews. From this article, you will know which is the Best Fire Retardant Fabric available in present times for people to buy. Check it out!

Best Fire Retardant Fabric Reviews

FLAME / FIRE RETARDANT VOILE- Plain White Fabric wedding drapes Crafts

  • FLAME / FIRE RETARDANT VOILE- Plain White Fabric wedding drapes Crafts
  • price per metre, sold in continuous piece eg
  • Ideal for wedding drapes and sewing for window dressings
  • Complies with the flammability requirements of BS 5867: 2008 Part 2 Type C (fabrics for curtains...

BLACK BLACKOUT FABRIC VENUS 150CM Fire Retardant for curtains, theater Stage Plain. Sold by the meter. (1 METER)

BLACK BLACKOUT FABRIC VENUS 150CM Fire Retardant for curtains, theater Stage Plain. Sold by the meter. (1 METER)

  • Fabulous 100% blackout fabric with a silky feel and soft flowing with excellent draping qualities....
  • FREE DELIVERY. Sample orders available.
  • It is designed to block light for theaters
  • Venus Blackout Fabric is a inherent fire retardant which means you can wash it repeatedly without the losing its...
  • BLACK COLOUR 150CM wide 100% Polyester 255 GSM in weight FIRE RETARDANT BS5867 PART 2 100% Blackout Fabric...

FIRE RETARDANT FABRIC BLACK 80% BLACKOUT Curtains Display Theater Stage Material

  • Fabulous 80% blackout fabric with excellent draping qualities
  • t is a good quality fabric and is sold to the theaters and they have told us that it...
  • Because of the excellent draping qualities exhibition and display companies use it for their display on tables and stands....
  • BLACK COLOUR 140CM wide Polyester FIRE RETARDANT BS5867 PART 2
  • Dispatched folded with Royal Mail

1. Fire Retardant Fabric Black

This is an excellent fabric which blackout 80% and offers fabulous draping qualities. Its design aids in blocking light from outside for stages, family rooms, theatres, etc. It works remarkably as curtains that provide a silky feel and look. However, the reason for its high demand is primarily due to its fire retardant characteristic which simply means it is ideal for usage in domestic or commercial areas.

It is ideal for safety from fire as well as for projects where one might require obstructing 80% of incoming light in a room or space. Also, due to supreme draping qualities, numerous display and exhibition organisations use this item for stand and table displays.

This polyester fire black colour fire retardant fabric comes in 140cm width. Any amount of order can be supplied by this company and is sold by meter approach which costs approx. Hence, its quality and available length make it Best Fire Retardant Fabric which is ideal for home as well as commercial use.

2. Fire Retardant Check Upholstery Fabric Patterned Material

This is a 100% fire retardant material from UK Fabrics Online. What makes this fabric attract attention is its coating of flame retardant on one portion and its soft as well smooth texture on another side. This fabric is quite durable that makes it ideal for chairs, crafts, covers, re-upholster, etc. which makes that product fire-proof instantly.

Moreover, it is available in three different colours such as brown, pink, and blue. Also, it has a width of 54 inches. It costs approx. per meter which not quite reasonable for such a superior quality item which falls under the category of Best Fire Retardant Fabric.

3. Antique Green Luxury Expandable Fire Retardant and Water Proof fabric

This is one of the best fabrics which are resistant to water and fire both. It is sold by meter by the company and available in 18 different colours. It has a width of 135cm and has an appearance and texture which is heavy grain.

This is a luxury upholstery of faux leather whose certificate for authenticating it is available if an individual request for it. Due to its water and fireproof aspects along with wiping it clean suitability, it is ideal for usage in commercial places such as restaurants, hotels, etc. and also for domestic purpose.

What makes people opt for this fabric is that an individual can efficiently cut and sew it. Also, it is stretchable which enables it to work easily around corners that gives an excellent smooth finish to everywhere it is applied. This is sold by metre where one metre costs approximately. A person can order from just a meter to 25m full roll according to their requirement. What makes this Best Fire Retardant Fabric quite in demand is an array of colours available that would match the décor of every space.

4. Black Blackout Fabric Venus Fire Retardant

It is a remarkable fabric with 100% blackout option. People love the quality of this product as it is quite silky and as well as soft which provides outstanding draping qualities. One of the most essential reasons people love this firm and its product as they provide samples for a reasonable price before anyone orders in bulk. This way people have a way to check the fabric’s quality and materials for their own satisfaction and then order online.

It is ideally designed for blocking lights from entering family rooms, theatres, stages, etc. Also, people use it as curtains which not only blocks light but also have silky feeling and look for ideal satisfaction. This fabric is inherently fire retardant that means a user can wash it as many times as he/she wants without having to worry about losing fire-retardant quality.

It has a width of 150cm and is polyester 100%, 255 GSM in weight. This Best Fire Retardant Fabric is sold by meter and one metre cost approx. .

5. Flame/Fire Retardant Voile- Plain White Fabric Wedding Drapes

Fire/flame retardant Voile fabric is required for various public buildings such as hospitals, hotels, pubs, schools, wedding venues, and more. It has a fire/flame retardant finish that lasts up to maximum of three washes. People trust this product as it has been minutely testes and found that it complies with all UK regulations, a copy of which is supplied if required.

It complies with UK’s flammability requirement of BS 5867: 2008 Part 2 Type C that is imposed for all window blinds, drapes, and curtains. Also, it follows BS EN ISO 15025:2002 Procedure A that deals with surface ignition. Also, its tests include flame spread’s limitation.

This is a top-notch product that comes in an excellent bright white colour. This is 100% polyester fabric that is ideal for draping or curtains whichever is needed by a user. This Best Fire Retardant Fabric roll is folded in half and have a width of 145cm and selvage edges. Each meter of this product is priced at approx.

6. Stages Molton Fabric, B1 Certified – Flame Retardant to Din 4102

This is a certified fire retardant product which has a superior quality of materials that makes it quite ideal for draping or curtains. It is available in black colour which makes it quite useful for blocking lights coming into space; hence, it is ideal for family rooms, theatres, etc. Its product dimension is 100X300cm and each meter is sold at approx.
These are some of the products which fall in the category of Best Fire Retardant Fabric. IF you want to use the best for yourself, choose one from this review list and order it online for quick delivery.