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5 Best Double Sided Cotton – Washable Buntings to Purchase in 2019

People require double-sided washable cotton for various reasons; however, the issue which rises when ordering it is not knowing which to buy. Hence, you require expert help in this matter.

Best Double Sided Cotton – Washable Reviews

Floral Double Sided Fabric Bunting - 10m - 30 Flags Vintage Shabby Chic Party Banner

  • Double sided (two pieces of fabric sewn together)
  • Each flag is 18cm wide X 21.5cm long
  • Length 10m with 30 flags

dotcomgiftshop Colourful Spotty Double Sided Cotton Bunting (8 Metres, 15 Pennants)

dotcomgiftshop Colourful Spotty Double Sided Cotton Bunting (8 Metres, 15 Pennants)

  • 15 large double-sided colourful cotton pennants
  • Machine washable at 30°
  • Perfect for weddings, fêtes and garden parties
  • Length made up of 6 metres of flags and 1 metre of extra string at both ends for securing...
  • The four pastel colours (pink

G2PLUS Lovely Bunting 10.8 Feet Flag Banner Pennant Flag Garlands Fabric Triangle Flags Double Sided Vintage Cloth Shabby Chic Decoration for Birthday Parties Ceremonies Kitchen Bedrooms

  • Each panel measures 17CM long & 17CM wide at widest part
  • The bunting consist of 12 x double sided fabric triangles held together on a green bunting....
  • It looks lovely in a bedroom or dinning room so it does make for a lovely present for some...
  • The bunting could be used for a range of purposes from decorating a nursery or little girl or boys...

60 Metres Multicolor Bunting Banner 90 Large Flags Double Sided Material Indoor Outdoor Party Decoration

  • 60 metres length with 90 large flags in 5 kinds of color.
  • Large Flags: each pennant measures 35 cm length and 22 cm width
  • Colorful pattern consists of red
  • Made of polyester taffeta material
  • Suitable:garden,wedding,birthday,festival,nursery,home,seaside,beach,games,picnic,circus,bar,xmas,celebration,carnival,holy communion,superhero party decorations...

Whaline 12 Pcs Fabric Bunting Banner,11.8 Feet Double Sided Triangle Flags, Vintage Floral Design Party Bunting for Wedding Birthday Baby Shower Home Decoration (Green)

  • Quantity - There are 12 pendant flags with 12 different floral designs printed on cotton fabric...
  • Soft and reusable - Our banners are made of soft double-sided cotton fabric...
  • Size - The length of banners is 3.6 meters in total and the size (height x base) of each...
  • Unique and durable - The unique design of double-sided cotton fabric makes it possible for you to see their...
  • Wide application - Our banners are fit for a range of different situations such as dining rooms...

This article reviews the Best Double Sided Cotton – Washable which will help in understanding which one will fulfil your needs. So, before jumping on to order go through the list below for every detail!

Have a look!

1. dotcomgiftshop Colorful Spotty Double Sided Cotton Bunting

This amazing spotty fabric pack has 15 large colourful double-sided cotton pennants. This bunting comes in four different pastel colours which are green, pink, red, and blue. It efficiently oozes charm of English country. It is ideal for decorating garden parties, fetes, and weddings.

These double-sided cotton items measure approximately 19X29cm. Also, it can be washed in a machine at 30°, which means one can easily hang them in their fence, tree branches, and any other place which one thinks is suitable for decoration purpose. However, it is advised to keep these away from all types of fire.

Length of these flags is 6 metres along with additional 1 metre that aids for securing when putting on strings. Also, these costs merely approx. Such colouring and premium quality product is the reason as to why many people think that this item is the Best Double Sided Cotton – Washable that is available in the market.

2. Whaline Fabric Bunting Banner 12 Pcs Double Sided Triangle Flags Garland

This product from Whaline is one of the best in the market due to its quality as well as quantity. Each pack consists of 12 flags that come in 12 different prints of floral designs on a piece of high-quality cotton fabric. What makes it stand apart is people can enjoy such simple patterns and designs that give a completely natural and fresh style.

Moreover, these are soft as well as reusable cotton fabric which has prints on both sides. Also, these are skin-friendly and comfortable that a person can use numerous times without having to worry about it fading.

This banner’s length in total is 3.6m; height is 14.5 cm and base is 15 cm. The distance of each flag from one another on a rope is in between 5 and 7 cm. In addition, both sides consist of cotton ropes for tying it that makes this product quite convenient for people to decorate without any hassle which makes this Best Double Sided Cotton – Washable product.

Furthermore, the design and quality of this item are unique and durable. Its double-sided fabric makes it possible for an individual to notice alluring patterns from every angle which is not possible for one-sided products. Also, double sided makes it more durable than single sided ones.

Lastly, it offers a wide application as these banners can easily fit in various situations and places such as parties, dining rooms, baby shower, gardens, wedding, celebrations, summer party, bedroom, outdoor activities, and anywhere a person deems it to be fit. It weighs a maximum of 40.8g and costs approximately.

3. G2PLUS Double Sided Fabric Cotton Bunting

This cotton double sided bunting from G2PLUS is a party banner of 10 feet along with triangle flags of total 12. Each of these flags is of 17cm in size which makes it ideal for decorating indoor as well as outdoor places for its excellent visibility even from a distance. These flags are created using cotton cloth and then vintage patterns are printed on it.

Also, these are reusable and if it gets dirty, users can simply machine or hand wash it according to one’s choice.

This banner’s total length is 3.3m; however, an additional 0.5m is available on either side that enables a person to tie it conveniently wherever one wants. It is suitable for multiple events or ceremonies like birthday parties, Christmas, charity events, etc. lastly, it costs around approximately. This is currently one of the Best Double Sided Cotton –

Washable buntings which an individual can order online and receive it quickly.

4. 60 Metres Multicolor Bunting Banner

One of the reasons this product is quite popular is its length which is 60m. It offers a buyer 90 large flags which are used by people in 5 different types of colour. Each of these large flags has a measurement of 35cm in length and its width is 22cm and it is printed on double sides. It has colourful patterns which comprise red, green, yellow, and blue attracts the attention of people easily towards it.

It is made of taffeta material which means there would be no fading whatsoever. Also, it has no plastic in it which means no odour and it has crease resistance as well as drapability that makes this item look remarkable even after using many times. Lastly, the reason for its high demand also consists of the fact that it has a high hydrophobic attribute along with durability.

It is suitable for numerous occasions like wedding, parties, carnival, Holy Communion, festivals, etc. Also, it can be used for decorating outdoor places such as gardens, porches, etc. as well as indoor spaces such as bars, kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms, etc. This Best Double Sided Cotton – Washable product is priced at just per box.

5. Floral Double Sided Fabric Bunting

This Best Double Sided Cotton – Washable which is a double sided product is due to two cotton fabric pieces which are sewn together that makes it quite attractive to people who require it for decorating purpose. Every flag in this package has a width of 18cm and length is 21.5cm and along with bright printed colours males it visible from a distance and enhances beauty of the decorated place.

In total it has 30 flags which can be tied conveniently according to one’s requirement. Also, it is quite durable and reusable. It costs a maximum of .

So, the next time you decide to purchase the Best Double Sided Cotton – Washable bunting, ensure ordering one which is mentioned in this list as it a guaranteed you will get the ultimate product that will enhance the decoration of a space.