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6 Easy to Use Adhesive Inkjet Canvas

Have you wanted to print your favourite hero’s photo on your phones back for a long time but the idea about the process being a bit messy or cost you a fortune stopped you from doing so?

Don’t worry! Here is the ultimate solution for your problem. Now you can transfer your favourite photo or personalised canvas into stickers with the best adhesive inkjet canvas.

Adhesive Inkjet Canvas Reviews

PPD Inkjet Gloss Self Adhesive White Vinyl Microporous Waterproof Sticker A4 x 20 Sheets PPD-36-20

  • Pack of 20 Gloss Printable Vinyl Sticker Paper in A4 for creating your own durable stickers...
  • Semi-permanent self-adhesive backing allows repositioning or easy removal (or permanent if left in place)...
  • Create your own stickers for car bumpers
  • Compatible with all inkjet printers such as Epson
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE -> if you are not 100% satisfied with the PPD Self Adhesive Vinyl you will...

21 Per Page/Sheet 5 Sheets (105 TRANSPARENT Sticky Labels) Label Planet® CLEAR GLOSS POLYESTER Self-Adhesive Blank Plain A4 Glossy Premium Printable Stickers, Works For Laser/Copier/INKJET Printers, 63.5 x 38.1MM UK LP21/63 GCP, Multi-Purpose

21 Per Page/Sheet 5 Sheets (105 TRANSPARENT Sticky Labels) Label Planet® CLEAR GLOSS POLYESTER Self-Adhesive Blank Plain A4 Glossy Premium Printable Stickers, Works For Laser/Copier/INKJET Printers, 63.5 x 38.1MM UK LP21/63 GCP, Multi-Purpose

  • Available In Many Other Shapes
  • Made Using A High Quality Adhesive
  • 63.5mm by 38.1mm Labels
  • Created In And Dispatched From The UK
  • Compatible with Avery Labels Printing Template L7160

A4 Waterproof Transparent Glossy Adhesive Vinyl Stickers

  • 10 sheets of A4 blank clear transparent Glossy Vinyl
  • Designed for high quality inkjet printing only
  • High resolution printing.
  • Full A4 size: 210mm x 297mm.
  • Easy to use: you can create

Adhesive Inkjet Canvas Transfer Sheets by Gecko Paper | Inkjet Compatible Canvas + Print Your Own Canvas at Home + A4 Pack of 5 Sheets

  • INKJET COMPATIBLE - Print your own canvas stickers using your inkjet printer...

Photo Fabric Paper A4 with Repositionable Adhesive for inkjet printers, applicable on any surface, weight 255 g, Printable removale stick ups, 20 sheets

  • Photo Fabric Paper A4 with Repositionable Adhesive for inkjet printers Stick on ...
  • Special glue that separates without traces and allows reapplication on any surface ...
  • The reusable fabric is treated with a matte film that is compatible with all inkjet printers whether it is...
  • Replaces the magnetic paper
  • The insensitive feature of this type of fabric is given by the adhesive shape that allows multiple reapplication of...

Self-adhesive papers are made with unique glue technology. An adhesive strip is attached to each paper.

The best news is you can print your favourite picture on the sheets using your inkjet printer. Peel off the paper backing and its ready to use.

In this article, we are reviewing the best adhesive inkjet canvas transfer sheets available. It will make your purchasing choices much easier.

1. Best Adhesive inkjet Canvas Transfer Sheets by Gecko paper

With an affordable price of , these self-adhesive canvas transfer sheets add dimensions to your décor. This company is capable of producing a high quality product that can create an impression in the user’s mind.

The manufacturer state that the sheets are inkjet compatible. You can make customise stickers at home by using the inkjet printer.

The product contains five sheets of A4 size coated with good quality adhesive. You have to be careful before positioning your sticker as it is challenging to readjust due to the strong adhesive. You have to print the picture, peel the sheets and apply on any materials.

If you want to decorate your wall or your journal or your child’s scrapbook, this all-purpose best adhesive inkjet canvas can be your best friend.

  • Lightweight material weighing just 118g
  • Best quality sheets of A4 size.
  • Strong adhesive back coating.
  • Package dimension is 30x 21.5×0.5 cm and comes in a pack of five.

2. Clear/Transparent Vinyl Glossy Self Adhesive Inkjet Printable Sheets by Evergreen Goods

Available on Amazon for just these high quality sheets are worth praising. You can turn your canvas into stickers by using these sheets.

The vinyl material used in the sheets makes them suitable for inkjet printers. You can use these sheets in HP, Canon, Kodak, Epson, £Brother Inkjet printers but not in laser printers. This product is perfect for making any ordinary craft different and giving a unique flair to it.

What makes this product so demanding and best rated in Amazon is its clear transparent appearance. The product contains ten sheets with strong adhesiveness. You can rely on the package’s packing. If you place an order before 2 pm from Monday to Friday, the product will be dispatched on the same day.

  • Pack of 10 transparent, glossy vinyl stickers.
  • Paper dimension- A4 (210mmx297mm)
  • Paper’s weight is around 150g
  • For the best results, print with high quality printing mode and use proper ink.
  • The stickers contain strong sticky white paperback

3. PPD Inject Gloss Self Adhesive White Vinyl Microporous Waterproof Sticker

The printable sticker papers are available in good shape and size. It is made of highest quality material that allows you to make the most elegant printed stickers. The paper structure is smooth, so the printing comes crystal clear.

PPD inject gloss self- adhesive papers is considered to be the best adhesive inkjet canvas in market. This product is certified one, and it helps you to make durable stickers. If you are working with domestic inject printer, with the help of standard ink, you can achieve flawless crafts and designs.

PPD glossy papers are waterproof and can be manageable with fixable sprays. These papers are so versatile that you can use it everywhere except on porous surfaces. You can cut your designs in any shape, in text or images. After printing your stickers, it will get dry instantly.

  • This 20 gloss printable papers are compatible with all inkjet printers.
  • The product is a pack of 20 glossy sheets in A4 size.
  • You can easily attach or remove it as it contains a semi-permanent adhesive backing.
  • Make fun stickers for your home décor, phone, and laptop etc.

4. Clear Gloss Polyester Self-Adhesive Blank Plain A4 Glossy Premium Printable Stickers by Label Plane

Label Planet introduces a high quality self-adhesive printable paper. The papers can be used in different ways as it is available in a wide range. The stickers come with many shapes, sizes and colours.

Anyone can question about what makes the sticker best adhesive inkjet canvas. The answer will be it multiple uses. These stickers work for any printer, be it laser or inkjet printer.

The product contains 63.5mm by 38.1mm transparent sticky labels, and it is compatible with Avery Labels Printing Template L7160. The clear labels are not entirely transparent and can be seen when applied to glass. But its glossy feature makes it easy for the user to wipe it.

  • It is the best material that can be used for various crafts.
  • It is a platform that gives a new edge to the creation.
  • The labels are made of polyester. The back layer of the paper has waterproof adhesive. They are thus making it durable in the long run.
  • It is a pack of 5 sheets of A4 size.
  • Available for only £5.00.

5. Photo Canvas Paper for Inkjet by ProCart

Available only for you can stick these papers anywhere and remove it anytime. If considered according to the price, this product costs the lowest. ProCart canvas papers come with an adhesive which can be removed multiple times. This special feature makes it the best adhesive inkjet canvas in town.

The texture of the canvas is smooth. It creates an impression in the viewer’s mind. The border of the stick on canvas papers fades away after application, thus allowing the stickers to glide through the surface.

You can remove the stickers from the surface multiple times. The labels retain their adhesiveness for a long time. It can be a good alternative of magnetic tape as it can get easily removed and attached without leaving any trace.

  • The product contains 20 sheets measuring 10×15 cm.
  • The papers are not light, weighing about 255g.
  • These papers are inkjet compatible. So you can print any photo and apply it on any surface of your choice like fridge, wall, photo album, and computer etc.
  • These papers include a special glue technology which allows you to detach them easily.
  • Papers are water resistant and scratch resistant.

You get an idea about the best adhesive inkjet canvas. But before buying, keep some essential points in mind. Before printing any sheets through your file, always check your printer’s manual — the manufacturing details given with the product list up to the dos and don’ts. So read carefully before using it. Be careful while attaching or removing the sheets.