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8 Best Adhesive Acetates Reviewed

Schools nowadays assign students with a lot of projects as a part of their curriculum. They need to create, write as well as paste illustrations.
However, if you ask any parent about what is the best way to print and paste high quality pictures and photographs, I bet they will give you the same answer as I have. Adhesive acetate paper is one of those tools which have made the creation of projects more accessible.

Adhesive Acetate Reviews

PPD Inkjet White Matte Self-Adhesive Vinyl Sticker

  • Inkjet Creative Inkjet Matt White Stickers
  • Vinyl white car bumper sticker
  • A4 x 20 sheets
  • Compatible with all desktop inkjet printers
  • Create your own craft artistic stickers

GREENSTAR GRAPHICS A4 Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheets

  • 20 A4 Vinyl sheets.
  • 210mm x 297mm
  • Pack contains 20 A4 sheets

20 Sheets Inkjet Printable A4 Clear/Transparent Vinyl Glossy Self Adhesive Sticker Quality

  • A4 blankclear transparent glossy vinyl
  • Designed for high quality ink printing
  • High resolution printing
  • Full A4 size: 210mm x 297mm
  • Easy to use: you can create

ARTEZA Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheets

  • Set of 42 premium multicolor 12" x 12" self adhesive vinyl sheets
  • Weeds easily and can be used with all craft cutting machines
  • Decorate any flat smooth surface
  • Durable, waterproof, and dishwasher safe
  • Vinyl comes in a protective box

TECKWRAP 12 Inch x12 Inch Long-lasting Assorted Adhesive Vinyl Sheets

  • 12" x 12" 34 Sheets of Assorted Colors of Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl with 4 Transfer Paper...
  • VIBRANT COLORS - Glossy/Matte/Mirror Chrome/Transparent Transfer Paper
  • MULTI-PURPOSE USE - Home Decor
  • WORKS WITH - Cricut
  • WATER RESISTANT - Durable for Indoor/Outdoor Flat Clean Dry Smooth Surface Application...

Misscrafts Self-Adhesive Gemstone Metallic Glitter Art Sign Vinyl Sticky Paper

  • Size: 10*15cm; Material: 80gsm card + high gloss Glitter + Self Adhesive backing
  • Water resistant: water can make the vinyl wet
  • 10*15cm square size and enough sheets save the trouble to cutting during making diy craft;...
  • Thick bright sparkle glitter powder never fall off.
  • Suitable for all types of electronic cutter plotter

A4 Waterproof Transparent Glossy Adhesive Vinyl Stickers

  • 10 sheets of A4 blank clear transparent Glossy Vinyl
  • Designed for high quality inkjet printing only
  • High resolution printing.
  • Full A4 size: 210mm x 297mm.
  • Easy to use: you can create

Gnognauq Large Glitter Self-Adhesive Sticky Paper

  • Size: (L 11.8" x W 11.8")=300mm x 300mm
  • Can be cut with scissors or a craft knife for freehand designs....
  • Water resistant, good for any glass application indoor(using it for labeling mason jars) .Easy weeding cool peel...
  • Package :10 Sheets of Colours as pictured

These are glossy vinyl sheets when printed gives high quality pictures and photographs, and currently, these are used globally. These have different rates based on the number of papers. Today we are reviewing 8 best adhesive acetates which might help you to make a better choice while purchasing one.

1. A4 Inkjet Transparent Vinyl Glossy Self Adhesive Printable Sticker

Available on Amazon for just , this self-adhesive acetate is getting some excellent reviews from customers who have purchased it.

It comes in a transparent cover so that you can judge its quality by just looking at it. Furthermore, this printable adhesive is of substantial weight, which defines its high quality.
These stickers come in an A4 size paper, which is nearly 210 mm X 297 mm in size. They are specially crafted for high quality printing and can be only printed through inkjet printers, which includes HP, Epson, Canon, Brother, Kodak and Lexmark.

Regardless of any colour, pattern or design, these sticky labels print anything and everything with smoothness. Furthermore, its self-adhesive feature helps to stick on everything with flexibility.

Apart from projects for your children, the stickers can also be used for labelling and decorating quite easily. All you need to do is select a high quality design from the internet and print it on these sheets. That’s it!
By making these adhesive acetate stickers available at quite a reasonable price, they have done an outstanding job.

  • Comes in A4 size sheets which are approximately 210 mm X 297 mm in dimension.
  • Comes in a pack of 10, 15 and 20 sheets.
  • These sheets are transparent and have a glossy finish.
  • Specially planned for high-resolution inkjet printing
  • These sheets possess a quality of vinyl.
  • These sheets are not waterproof.

The second most reviewed adhesive acetate stickers are by ARTEZA. These have some excellent reviews and compared to the number of sheets this pack contains, the price can be considered as inexpensive. Unlike other self-adhesive sheets, these papers come in both multi-colour and monochrome variants that are black and white sheets. However, the multi-colour pack contains 42 sheets while the monochrome ones contain 50 sheets and these sheets are of a dimension of 12 inch. X 12 inch.

However, they are not for printing purposes, but you can print if you wish to. These papers can be cut with all sorts of paper cutting tools, and these also last for a long time. Furthermore, they are also waterproof and can be washed in the dishwasher without any damage done.

However, these sheets are matte in finish rather than glossy ones. These are also transferable papers and do not need too much heat while weeding. These particular sheets can be used only on flat surfaces to transfer a whole design correctly.

ARTEZA also provides a protective box so that the papers don’t get tampered during the process of delivering and this is a facility which you will not find in other adhesive documents.
However, both the monochrome (black and white) as well as multi-colour sheets are available on Amazon for 17.99 and 19.99 respectively.

  • Contains 42 sheets for multi-colour packs and 50 sheets for monochrome packs.
  • These are self-adhesive.
  • They are long lasting vinyl sheets.
  • These sheets are waterproof.
  • Can be easily used on any flat surface for decoration purpose.
  • Requires low heat for weeding.
  • This pack provide a protective box for fewer damages

Along with the above two adhesive acetate vinyl sheets, TECKWRAP is also getting quite a several positive reviews from the company. Due to their unique quality and packaging, these vinyl sheets are getting a lot of publicity. These sheets come in 34 different shades with a dimension of 12 inch. X 12 inch, this can be considered quite a rare species. Furthermore, they come in a range of quality, namely, matte, glossy, mirror chrome and transparent transfer paper that too in a single box.

They are also waterproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors on a flat, clean, smooth and dry surface.
These sheets are multi-purpose tools and can be used for home scrapbooking, decor, graphics, lettering, glass, mirrors, tiles, decals, banners, windows, and signs. They also work with Cricut, silhouette, pazzles, die cutters, sign plotters, craft robo, quickutz, brother scanncut and craft cutters.

Furthermore, they are high quality, self-adhesive sheets and are printable. They can also be used for weeding and requires very less temperature for this process.

They are affordable and available in Amazon for just .

  • These sheets are of high quality
  • They have a high resolution: 12 inch. X 12 inch.
  • These sheets come in 34 vibrant colours, which include transparent sheets for printing.
  • They come in four different qualities: matte, glossy, mirror chrome and transparent transfer paper.
  • They can be considered as multi-purpose sheets.
  • They can be paired with Cricut to Sign Plotters.

4. PPD Inkjet White Matte Self-Adhesive Vinyl Sticker

If you are looking for white or transparent adhesive acetate stickers, then PPD provides you with the best ones. These are high quality waterproof stickers which can be used on any clean and smooth surface.

These are white and transparent in colour and are of A4 size papers which are approximately 210 mm. X 297 mm. in size. The prime purpose of this paper is for printing. A pack contains 20 sheets, and these sheets are white. It has a beautiful matte finish which helps to print high quality pictures and photographs.

With the help of these sheets, you can produce your artistic creations with its self-adhesive feature. It can be used on any smooth, clean and dry surfaces. It can be used on cars, windows, and tiles and other surfaces as well.
These can be printed only through inkjet printers which are compatible with any computers, and the quality of the print depends upon the quality of the colour. However, these sheets are also transferable and require minimum heat for weeding.

These are quite heavy, and 20 sheets weigh around 399 g. This signifies the quality of these sheets.
However, with all these features, these sheets are available on Amazon for , which is why it is getting so many positive reviews.

  • Available in both white and transparent colours.
  • These stickers are waterproof.
  • They provide high quality print outs.
  • Companionable with all inkjet printers.

Another product which ranks fifth in this list is these transparent, glossy adhesive acetate papers. This pack contains 10 sheets, and each layer is of A4 size that is, 210 mm. X 297 mm. These are transparent sheets, and there you can print any colourful design or photograph as per your need. Since these sheets have a glossy finish, you can easily create shiny sticks and logos.

These stickers are crafted especially for a high quality print, and these are compatible for inkjet printers only. These sheets are waterproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors. A whole pack weighs something around 150 g. And hence each sheet can be said to have good quality.

These sheets usually are multi-purpose, and therefore, they can be used for creating signs and labels for products, and you can also use them to create stickers for children. Furthermore, they are also easy to use, and therefore you can print, shape and cut in the way you want.

With so many qualities, they are available on Amazon for just .

  • A pack contains 10 A4 size vinyl sheets.
  • They are matte in finish.
  • They are transparent, which make colourful printing much more accessible.
  • They are waterproof and therefore, can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • They are only compatible with inkjet printers.
  • One pack weighs 150 g.
  • They are user-friendly.

Priced at just , this company provides some adhesive acetate vinyl sheets which are attracting many customers. Irrespective of their rate, these sheets are of high quality and can be used for producing artistic creations.
These pages are A4 or 210 mm. X 297 mm in size. Furthermore, these stickers have a shiny surface and hence can be considered as glossy.

These pieces are available in many colours, which are black, white, yellow, red, orange, green, blue, purple, pink, burgundy, brown and buttercream. This is an ideal tool for people with hobbies, like painting and crafting. Hand, scissors or craft cutters can easily pierce these sheets.

Furthermore, they are not designed for printing, but if you want to use it for printing purpose, then go ahead. These stickers are one of the highest rated products among the list due to its price and its quality

  • A4 or 210 mm. X 297 mm. size sheets.
  • Multi-colour papers.
  • Glossy in finish.
  • These are easy to use and can be cut with hands, cutting knives and scissors.
  • They are specially designed for crafting.

Our review is about another crafting sticky paper. It is unique because these are glittery papers and are used primarily for the use of gift wrapping and crafting.
Available at Amazon for just , this pack contains 20 adhesive acetate papers, with a measurement of 10 cm. X 15 cm. The material of this paper is vinyl, and they are 80 gsm cards. A single pack of all these papers are somewhat around 8.16 g. These sheets have a highly glossy cum glitter surface which gives a very vibrant look when applied. These sheets are available in ten different colours.

Furthermore, not only these papers are water resistant, but when they are immersed in water, they do not damage the surface of the paper. These sheets also get dry at a high-speed rate. And what’s more? These glitters never fall off from these papers.

They can be cut easily as these sheets do not have a huge dimension. However, due to the exceptional quality, these papers can be cut in all sorts of electronic cutter plotter. However, for free-style designs, you can use scissors or craft knives. That is why it is one of the bestselling adhesive acetate papers on the website.

  • This pack contains 20 papers.
  • These are glossy.
  • 80 gsm papers.
  • Total weight of this pack is 8.16 g.
  • These papers are smaller in size of about 10 cm. X 15 cm.
  • Available in 10 different sizes.
  • Water-resistant and dries up quickly.
  • Easy to use
  • Mainly used for gifting and crafting purposes.

Our last review is again about a pack of shiny adhesive acetate sheets. This particular sticker has some excellent reviews, especially about the quality of their paper along with the material used in the packaging. These papers are square and are 300 mm. X 300 mm. in size. Furthermore, they come in 10 different colours, that is, each sheet has a different colour. They do not have a vinyl finish but have a glittery surface.

They can be cut with hands, scissors and paper knives for freehand designing. They are mainly used for labelling and are perfect for labelling glass jars and other glass materials. These can also be used for home décor purposes. These do not require heat for weeding and therefore, are hazard free. The quality of the paper, along with that of the glitter, is fantastic, since they are water resistant and dries quickly without damaging the glitters on these sheets.

These adhesive acetate sheets are available for only on Amazon. Isn’t that amazing? No wonder people have reviewed positively about these sheets.

  • These papers come in a 300 mm. X 300 mm. size.
  • One pack contains 10 sheets.
  • Comes in 10 different colours.
  • Have a glittery surface.
  • Can be cut with any sharp material.
  • Requires no heat for weeding.
  • They are water-resistant and dry up quickly.