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How to use Heat Transfer Paper

heat transfer paper

Step 1

Print off the heat transfer paper using normal paper settings, changing the quality to ‘Photo’. Once printed, leave the ink to dry. There is no need to reverse your images.

heat transfer paper

Step 2

Cut out your image using a craft knife of a pair of scissors.

heat transfer paper

Step 3

Peel off the backing paper from the transfer paper.

heat transfer paper

Step 4

Position the transfer paper face up on top of your fabric.

heat transfer paper

Step 5

Cover your image with a sheet of baking parchment or silicone paper. Do not use greaseproof paper because this will stick.

heat transfer paper

Step 6

Place your fabric onto a hard, heatproof surface like a thick wooden chopping board. Do not use an ironing board. Iron over the silicone paper using a hot iron. You need to press as hard as you can and slowly move over each section of the design, ironing for up to 45 seconds on each section before you move to the next. This ensures the image is stuck well enough so it will not come off when the fabric is washed.

heat transfer paper

Step 7

After you have finished ironing the design, take off the silicone paper.

heat transfer paper

Step 8

Here are the finished results. Yellow grid heat transfer paper is very simple to use, and leaves fabric with a good handle.

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