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How to use Heat Transfer Paper

heat transfer paper

Step 1

Print off your designs using dark or light Fabric Transfer paper. You can change your settings to best quality photo for great results. The following example shows you how to use the heat transfer paper for light fabrics but you use the same method for the paper for dark fabrics and the laser heat transfer paper. No need to reverse any images!

heat transfer paper

Step 2

Cut out your designs.

heat transfer paper

Step 3

Peel the heat transfer paper off the backing sheet.

heat transfer paper

Step 4

Position the paper face up on top of the T-shirt.

heat transfer paper

Step 5

Place silicon paper on top of your design. You must use silicon paper or baking parchment which you can get from any major supermarkets. Do not use greaseproof paper because this sticks.

heat transfer paper

Step 6

When you iron the image place the garment on a hard surface, like a table top protected with a tea towel and start to iron over the silicon paper. You need to press as hard as you can and slowly move over each section of the design, ironing for up to 45 seconds on each section before you move to the next. This is important so the image is stuck well enough so it will not come off when you wash the garment.

heat transfer paper

Step 7

After you have finished ironing the design, take off the silicon paper.

heat transfer paper

Step 8

Here are the finished results, Our heat transfer paper is very simple to use and can be used for other items other than T-shirts, the possibilities are endless.

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