There are the answers to a few questions you may have about the products. If you have any questions please email us at and we will be very happy to help.

Water-slip decal paper (inkjet)
Dry rub off decals
Inkjet fabric sheets
Shrink Paper
Heat transfer paper
Window Sticker
Magic decal paper
What is the difference between an inkjet and a laser printer
Paper sizes
Graphics CDs and copyright
Graphic downloads to buy questions

What paper do I use if I wanted to create and decorate
Sewing and textile projects

What printer can I use with Crafty Computer Papers?
You can use any kind of printer. We test all the papers on cheapy printers and if don’t go through these then we don’t sell them. You can use an ordinary desktop printer, we use HP printers here and they are all very standard.

Do I need special inks to use Crafty Computer Papers?
No you do not have to use any special inks, you can use the inks supplied by your printer. We do recommend that you use manufacturers cartridges as they will always give you better results and stop you from running into problems. Cheaper or refill inks are much thicker than manufacturers inks and they can cause problems if there are any.

What happens if the paper is too thick to go through the printer?
What you can do is change the settings on your printer. All printers are different but you will be able to select the type of paper you are using. If you are using a card then you can set the properties of the printer to card or thick paper.

How do I change my printer settings?
When you go to print off your paper, the printer box will appear, you need to click on the properties tab and you will see that there will be a section about different papers to print off. If you are having problems printing off the paper then change the settings if the paper is feeding through OK then just leave them and print like normal paper.

How do I print in mirror image?
Some of the papers require you to print off your picture in mirror image. There are 2 ways of doing this, you can use your printer which will have a mirror image selection which you can use. When you are about to print off your picture and the printer box appears, click onto properties and move around the tabs to find the mirror image function. This is a very basic function and most printers will have it. The other way is to use your graphics editor, you will be able to flip your image horizontally, if you know how to use your graphics editor you will have already come across this function. Please note that you cannot use a word processing program to reverse the image you would have to use your printers function.

Can I use laser paper in an inkjet printer
No you will make a real mess and may even ruin your printer, always use laser paper for a laser printer and vise versa. If you used inkjet paper in a laser printer it could ruin the printer and stick to the rollers. If you use laser paper in an inkjet printer the ink will have problems drying and the image will not print of properly. Some paper is sold on the site which can be used in both and inkjet and a laser printer, you will see it marked on the copy of the product if it is compatible with both types of printer.

How to print off all the other types of paper on the site?
All the papers on the site which do not come with instructions can be printed off using normal settings using a normal inkjet printer. You can change your settings to higher quality if you want to, it will not hurt the paper. Basically just treat all the paper like normal computer paper.

Do I have to print off a whole sheet at one time?
No you can print off a small amount and then save the rest for another time. As long as you put your designs at the top of the paper you can cut along the leading edge as straight as you can so it stays at a right angel you will not have any problems when you want to print off the paper again.

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